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cool trick creating a password that you never forget

creating a password it might be difficult because the password you set you might forget when the time go on but don't worry i will show you a cool trick on creating a password that will never forget. it is easy, you just need to trick everyone. your password doesn't need to be long that's the mistake people make.

when you set a password, don't write your phone number. that stupid. you think you won't forget  because is your phone number right? come on. what if your phone got lost and it goes with the phone number probably you will forget that phone number when times goes. so it is not a great idea.

don't make your password so long, the maximum password a person should set is seven digits only and the minimum must be five. always the number of your digits on your password must be in prime number. let me explain why. think of it! when your digits is in even number someone can guess your password so easy unless you include characters on your password but that's beside the point, it won't be easy for you to remember. let me explain. let take your password is 6 digits or 8 digits whoever number you set but i'm pretty sure that everyone who set their password they using their date of birth, or family date of bate, if they are ten digits is probably the phone number. so once someone research your background their is 70 percent to get your password because you give the hit by making your password in even number digits .... less take your password digits is 6 and you use your date of birth.  Eg. your born on 25 July 1989

the possible outcome of your password it will be.


look at the digits, when someone want to hack on your account of something and you use your date of birth he/she has 70 percent of a possible outcome to guess you password. he/she can type the  number by going horizontal, vertical and cross. there is no way that she wouldn't get your password. one of the line it could be you password but if your password is in a prime digits. it will be difficult. let me show you. your password is seven digits. you use your date of birth.

when you set the password with seven digits, there is no way you can completely put all your date of birth. you have to pick an addition number. so you do it like this. e.g. you pick the number your born in, in your family. if your first born, you pick one. if your the second, you pick two. there is no way you can forget that. so here is the trick. always let your number follow the two digit of your date of birth. behind it or in front

this is the way you should set your password.

first pick the number your born in your family. less take your a first born in your family, so you will use one
your password should be like this:


just look at the pattern of my password. the one is always behind your 25. you can put the number anywhere as long you remember where you put it "behind or in front"  as you look at the table again, when you go vertical and cross, the number of your date of birth is not repeating. so there is no way someone can forge this and there is no way you can forget the number your born in.

that's how you do the trick

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