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five reason why inside toilet is bad

I have  been debating with my friend, which toilet is better, inside toilet or outside toilet and I of cause, i think inside toilet is better because i only thought of one reason, i never try to find another reasons but their are many reason why inside toilet is so bad. i sleep over this thought and I have may reason why the inside toilet is so bad.

here are the reason:

first is hygiene, yes there are soup to take care of the hygiene of the toilet as were all know toilet no matter how many you clean, in people mind the toilet will always be dirty place because we do dirty things there and such dirty place are not allowed to stay inside the house.

*shortage of water
inside toilet can be bad if there is no water and can cause unpleasant smell as we know the toilet need water every day to use but is not always we get water from home.

inside toilet is good at night you know, you  won't have to border your self going outside but is bad the disturbing smell at night. imagine you having dinner with your family and friend and someone go to toilet and disturb the air.  she/she has spoil everyone dinner.
*fault in a drain
drain linkage, this is the main reason why inside toilet is bed. the research found that the cause of drain of drain linkage come from people who use inside toilet. most people who have inside toilet, they not causally throw things to the trash instead they throw it the toilet because is close to them. it might not be diaper or any other physical things but chemicals. we all know that chemical are not allowed to be flash in the toilet and most of the drain blockage cause by chemical. guys don't throw chemical on the toilet.

can you believe me when i say that snake and most of the reptile like hiding inside the toilet. i don't know the reason why but most of the shake liken hiding inside the toilet, so be care full when you step inside the toilet or you might get bite.

Thanks for reading

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