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four reason why you should watch anime?

Anime is the bes cartoon in the world and i have watch lot of anime in my life and it make me realize something. it open up new ways for me. it show me a different vision about my life. today i'm going to tell you what i learn watching animew and why you should watch it.

* friendship.
most of the anime i watch it talk about how important a friend is. at  first i thought in this world there is no such thing as a friend but you can escape that the friends is important in life. "when days are dark friends are few" don't believe this quote, a true friend of you will never turn a back on you. i true friends will always stand by your side and i learn that from the anime. is not only family that can stick with you until at the top. someone ones said to me that success is lonely when you lack friends. i try too figure it out what he was trying to mean but later i realize the mean after i watch anime.

it might not seems the knowledge you get from school and is the knowledge that can make you get a job but the more important thing knowledge is a knowledge and it is important for human to learn some general knowledge in every day life. anime has some general knowledge, if you watch anime closely they try to teach you about mythology and ancient history and many more, i could not list some of the knowledge i gain from anime.

there are lots of language in this world and you can't possible learn all the language of this world but some anime can teach you how to speak another language. however, most people who watch anime,  they tends to know lot about another language.

anime is an entertainment don't you think. you can invest your friends have some drinks while watching anime. i can't imagine is lot of fun

Thank you for reading.

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