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how to remove an malware on your android phone?

Malware is the apps that disrupt your android phone from function, some malware can be remove by formatting your phone but some malware can't not be remove even if you format your phone and the moment you turn on your data. the malware it send lot of pop up that can be very disturbing even when you turn off your restrict background. Malware can damage your android operating system.

is your phone infected by malware that is disturbing on your android phone and you wanted to remove it but  it won't go way even if you formatted your phone, then how do we remove a malware apps?

this it might look complicated at first but i will first tell you what happen? when you malware can't be deleted.  the malware is difficult because the moment you install it, it store it self on a android device manager. this kind of apps were called bloatware. bloatware is an apps that you find it with your phone, like drive, tube, clock app, calendar and sound record but this apps are not virus they came with the phone but the malware  is virus that infected you phone. you try to remove it but it can't even if you format your android.

 then how do we remove a malware on your android phone?
 As i explain some malware are removable, you can uninstall them by going to setting >app and uninstall them but some can't be deleted.

to remove a malware that  can't be deleted, you need to root your phone. (NB: rooting your phone is dangerous and can damage your phone software, don't root your phone if you never rooted it, find someone who know how to root and asked him to do it for you)

things you need to root your phone:
* internet data about 10 MB
* Root app,

you can download it on google app, just type Root app on your search engine but the app i will prefer is king Root, i use King Root to root my phone  (before you can begin downloading, disable the malware app on the app settings) after you finish download the root app, install the app, when it done open the app and click the button that say Root. the app will start rooting your phone. it will take several minutes after it done (this is where i suggest that you should asked some who knows to help you)   use the apps to uninstall the the malware you wanted to remove. the app will show you all your phone app include your software your phone operating system. if you make a mistake and deleting one of your software of  operating system, your phone is dead. you need to install a new operating system but don't worry, i will show you on the next article how to install your phone operating system

Thanks for reading, i love you guys

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