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how to save your internet data from being consume by Adroids phone

android phone consume lots of internet data. the moment you turn on your data even if you don't you your phone, the apps with not stop consume your internet data and that's annoying isn't it? but don't worry you came to the right place and i will show you how to stop your android phone from consuming too much internet data but before i continue, i will tell you what happen and how you internet data is being consume when your not using the phone.

the first thing that is responsible consuming your data is apps, every androids they have apps and you downloads apps from google store and apps can automatically update them self but this is not the problem you can turn off auto update on your phone. every one know how to turn it off but i will sure you for the sake of people who don't know. you go to settings > data usage and stroll down look for Google app and click on it and stroll down you will see an button that say "view app setting" > and scroll down and look what they say notification  and just tick off app Auto update. however,  that is not the case if if you turn it off, your data are still being consume by your phone and the reason is because of your apps. you may turn off your auto update but you didn't stop  it from running on your background.

How did the apps consume my internet data and how do i stop it?
 every apps run to your background even if you off your data, the reason is because the people who design that app didn't didn't design for free, yes" you download it for free but that's not the case. the apps can act as an advertisement does  why in some apps you see pops up and aid in the bellow like this on the picture i capture.

you can see the aid bellow, that's aid when someone click it the people who created the app earn money, so you see they didn't give you for free. they let you download it because they want you to click. that's why they recommend you to download your app at Google store every time because some app are not just advertising, they spam on your android phone and when you turn on your data, that app it automatically install the malware apps that will keep annoying you and malware apps are difficult to remove but i will show you how to remove an malware on the next article.

how do i stop it?

do stop this app from running on your background it is easy, just go to the settings > data usage and click menu button and tick on restrict background data. this will stop all your apps from running on your background.

however, don't relax and reckless about your apps as i said this it stop apps from running on your background but  when you open an app the app will begin running until you close it. what people make mistake they minimize the app instead of closing it complete. don't close you app by Home button because home button it only minimize the app that mean you didn't close it that's mean your app is still running on your background.

 then to close your app not minimize it you use the back button  after you hold the menu button and it will show you that the app is really close or minimize. it still minimize just erase all the minimize by dragging the app down or to the side it depend on your phone and then you can put your phone on the table without any worries and you will comeback and find your data intact.


* always turn off your data when you finish using your phone
* always download your app at google store.
* avoid avoid taking apps from someone phone, your not sure where did he get the app.
* don't use the you tube app to watch video on you tube, you browse app that's support watching video at you tube app like UC browser
* avoid downloading app that doesn't have a name.
*always make sure sure that your apps are totally close not minimize before you turn off your data.
* avoid website that had lots of pop out, this website might install malware without your acknowledge.

Thank you, i hope you enjoy you internet data.

to get more about andriod problem just leave the comment  bellow and tell me your problem, i will help you      

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