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Jane caught her boy friend with another woman, check what did Jane did to make her man pay

Jane is a independent woman and the business woman. Jane fall a young handsome young men who is recently unemployed because of love Jane felt for him. Jane took the young men and live with her in her own house.

Jane give the young everything a men needs, Jane and the young men were living happy. she even hire the house maid to take care of young men when she gone to work but she didn't men for the house maid to be his wife, at first the maid were working hard but some day the young men saw the maid and she didn't control his feeling that day the young men slept with the maid.

Jane didn't notice everything but the sign were revealing it self, the young men began to refuse to have sex with Jane he always give an accuse but Jane she didn't take it all by her self. she ignore it though maybe she is not in the mood but every day when Jane step out of the door going to work the young men was sleeping with the maid.

this continue for days without Jane realizing it, but one day Jane go to the work where she come home early and she get to the house but she didn't find anyone but she ignore it as she decided to go to her room and take some rest. however, she find the young men kissing the maid on her bed room. Jane she didn't say anything even the maid and the you men didn't saw Jane as she sneak out and run away. Jane never return to the house, the young men keep looking for Jane as he didn't find Jane and month later something strange happen to the young men and Jane she never trusted men as she became an.....

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