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Kratos is back in action!

its been a long time fans waiting and wondering what happen to Kratos after he stab himself with the blade of Olympus at the god of war 3 but the end of the game we were shown that Kratos is still alive.  it leave fans with an cliff hanger wondering and asking if their is still another installation of god of war 4. however, i didn't believe that there will be another continue of god war because all the Greek gods, Kratos killed them.
however,  it is true that Kratos killed all the Greek gods at Olympus when i hear about this god of war 4. i asked my self if the gods are dead who would krotos fight with.  if he fight another villains that is just mortal, it won't be god of war anymore but after i saw the video on you tube and the many news i read. Kratos will be battling the Norse mythology God but this time he fight along his son. what do you think? it would be interesting don't think. i have taken some picture of god of war 4

what did fans expect from god of war 4? check this picture and tell me what come inside your mind?

 if Kratos is battling against Norse gods that means we see Thor in action. this what fans they waiting for. to see who is lot stronger between Kratos and Thor. i can't wait to play this game.

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