If you love Art , you'll love me

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lol! don't laugh alone!

Relax what is the hurry, no body is chasing you

there is something wrong with the mirror, no way you can look like that!

what's wrong with you, this is not a G mail

yes you get what you wish

breakfast is ready!

I wonder what is he looking at?

No string attached

Dumb ass

Now it make a perfect sense

 wow that's cool!

 who told you that?

i'm sure he is still a virgin

Some wife are crazy

don't mind him

you had no idea what it is don't you?

but he was looking for a milk to drink

new era

that's your father

they both hate orange zest

"finish that word your fired!"

"I mean it"


save electricity

take a pose

what are you looking at you, please give me some privacy

well no comment

i'm sure she never look her self at the mirror

you already dead
please hold your self

what do you think?

no you you didn't

different idea
Really, i wonder

funny right! thank you!

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