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make money online by blogging

are you bored and broke and you have no idea, how to make money. you came to the right place here. i will show you how to make money on your blog. weather you use a domain name or not. you can still make money. first i will tell you types of blogging.

the are tow types of blogging. the host blog. this blog you buy your now blog, on this blog you can even upload plugins like aids. the host blog it cost less than $100.  and the second is the free blog, this blog has limited. you can't install plugins on the free blog. however, don't worry i will show you how to install aids on your free blog you don't need a host or domain.

you can create a blog on this website:



you can create blog on this site after your done creating.
make money now

how do we  earn money?

as i said. you only earn money by referral links and aids.
you can join referral links at amzon, smashword and there many company to you can join referral.
click here and start earning money.

earn money now

if the link doesn't work you cam use this troubleshooting.

however, the site like Amazon and smashword. you don't receive direct deposit if your non-US. if you want to receive a direct deposit use Payoneer

thank thank and enjoy your blog

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