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My friends just asked me how to publish a quote? and if is not publish how does the quotes gone viral?

I have been wondering and asking my self  about this question since my friends asked me this question. where did the quotes came from? i know that someone said it but how did the quotes became so popular and go viral. you know it funny because me too i have been asking my self the same question but i didn't give any thought about it. I just put it aside and move on with it until many my friend asked me and i was surprise because even me too i had no idea about it.

because i didn't have the courage to tell him that I don't know, i asked him why did he ask me this sort of question?
he responded back, "i asked you because, your an author and i have created lots of quotes and write it down on the book..."  i look at him asked asked him, "do you want to publish it?" and he just nodded his head nervously and i just laugh it of, i didn't say anything about it, i try to change a topic and talk about something else but this question keep knocking on my brain and I told my self that i will research it and i did it when I get home.

the question is how to publish a quote?  if you ask me, i will just gaze at you with a shock, i didn't know what to say to you because i had never had of a company that say it publish a quotes but how did the the quotes gone viral? because it just someone said it with his/her mouth. I don't know maybe he write it down on the book just like my friend but did the publisher publish a quotes?

"No" a quotes is not a short story or a novel but a quotes can tell you lot of stories within that small words. when someone quote something is trying to tell you something about how he view life and how should it be live, some brave they express they braveness by quoting some words or explaining something that can't not be explain e.g like Albert Einstein when he say, "the different between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits," when you read this quotes you can tell what Einstein was trying to tell and it can tell you many story but the main point is that Einstein quote this quote because he wanted to differentiate the genius and stupidity because by look at the person face you can not tel if he is stupid or genus but it is the behave of that person can tell you weather is stupid or not. that's what Einstein wanted to explain and someone can give a different opinion according to his understanding but you can not publish a quote.

then the question is how did the quotes gone viral if you can not publish it?

well it took me several hours and i have research it through blogs and books but the quotes is just an sentence pick from the book. like Stephen king is an author and he wrote many novel that are popular and those books the quotes you see about Stephan king on a viral internet is just someone who just pick the sentence on the novel. Einstein too wrote many books about laws of physics, i don't know them but on that book he publish  the are quotes he mention that someone pick it up and tell some one and that someone tell another just like that.

another clue, have you read an novel or a book when you open the second page of the book before you can get to the chapter, you may find an author just label his quotes and he also mention where the quotes came from some author also mention the novel where he pick the quote.

the third is entertainment, most of viral quotes come from movies, music and most of  it is anime, i love anime very much and i lean lots of quotes from anime. like movie quotes, "i will be back," this quote it pick from terminator and another is, "say hello to my little friend," is another quote that pick from the scarface movie. this quotes might not be motivation but is was just an example of how the quotes gone viral and there are many quotes. e.g "we fear which we can not see" is from anime called Bleach and there are lot of quotes which are inspiring but i don't know on what source it was pick but if you research it enough you can see that the quote come from a certain source.

So if you want to publish a Quotes make a movie or write a novel?

Thanks for reading this, if you have any opinion please you can leave the comments

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