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My sister thought me to stand for myself from bullies at secondary school and it make me wrote The Novel

You know bullies can make you hate school, they can make you even hate yourself. you can even think that people is laughing at you when the bullies, bully you at the secondary school. Yes, I been on that awkward situation and you can’t believe that is my sister taught me how to stand for myself from bullies. Bullies at secondary school can make your life a living hell. your money, you lunch they all belongs to them. They don’t care how you feel about it and how will you survive without food, just imagine, your mother prepares a good and nice lunch to eat at the lunch break and some money to buy yourself some candy and another person child come and mug you the lunch and your small money. Imagine how pain it is, it even pains the parents and I see lots of this cases. Where a pupil put a poison on his lunch in order to get rid of the bullies who mug his lunch every day and at the end those bullies they end up waking up at the hospitals, it wrong to bully someone but some pupils they don’t just bully someone because they want to, they came from a poor family there were just hungry so because of that they mug another pupils who have the foods and it is painful to see a pupils being poison by another pupils and when you try to get to the root of it. The tears can even gush because you’ll find out that the pupils who is being poison is the pupils who bullies and mug pupils their food and money. However, you you asked why, you will find that the pupils had no parents to take care of him. He always come to school without lunch and money and there are many cases from South Africa involve this issue but the government came with an plan in 2012 by supplying the food at schools at that time I was in Grade 12, it was my last year from high school. this organization is called “feeding scheme” and it was proven that the bullies at school it being reduce by 80 percent. I don’t know now that I finish but I hear some news from my little brother and he told me that now there is no bullies at school. When someone bully you he takes everything from you and there is nothing you can do about it until someone wake you up and tell you to stand for yourself. I wrote a Novel about the bullies you meet at school it is called.

The outcast is the forth novel that will be available on 20 December. The outcast it the first novel I wrote according to the life I experience. It involves some romantic and bulling at school, I mean have you been bulled at high school before? Before I attend the high school, I can remember very well the advice my sister give me. “high school is like a jail, only who are strong are able to stand for them self,” when you first attend your first year at secondary school, you meet different kind of people, some their kind and some their bully. The bully they can make you hate school you know. They can mug you your money, food during the school and you will never do nothing about it. You even scared to tell your parents when you get home but you couldn’t believe that my sister taught me to stand for myself from bullies and I saw many children being bullied by another children at secondary school and this life I experience at my high school. It gives me another great ideal. I came with the idea of writing the novel according to the life we experience at a secondary school. It might not exactly the same, I twisted the story because I didn’t want the story to be exact the same life I experience. I might brain was myself and everyone if I say I didn’t counter bullies at secondary school. I counter many discrimination including bullies but because I was taught to stand for myself. I always fell into a fight a school.  What I trying to say is that even at the school the racism exist but in another perspective. When I talk about racism you thought I will talk about color. “no” there are sort of different kind of racism at school but at the school I attend. The racism was about who is better than another. Let me explain it on full details what I mean.
I attend at the secondary school called “Mafemani” Mafemani is the school that is located at Thulamahashe at the suburbs reside the small mall but what it was different with the school is that the pupils who attended from that school were from townships and the people who were from that suburbs were attending from another expensive school, only few [people from that suburbs attended that school that include myself. Were attended that school because I was parents couldn’t afford private school because it so expensive so from few of us who attended from that school, there was a feud from the people who came from townships with a pride telling them self that the school belongs to them and we from the local we have that pride that we are better than them. This feud cause the school to divided into groups and every Friday there were always a fight between people from that local and the people from township but in time the feud began to fade as we grow up.
I wrote the outcast from this experience, the outcast it talk about the boy who called Carline. Carline is a mix race) his live with his mother, Carline and his mother move from the suburbs to the township where he attended his fight Grade 10 at the township high school. Carline meet the bully called Bongi who bully him and discriminate him while at the other hand Carline is trying to experience his crush girl called Langa. however, Carline found that there are more than meet the eye from this bully.
If you have any thought of getting the outcast, you can pre-order it at the cheap price, 0.99 but if you’re so ego to read the glimpse of it, you can find it here Alwritten.com/theoucast.

Thank you for your time, after you done reading the simple please comments and give your thoughts about the novel.


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