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New Arc, has been confirm on Dragon ball super

dragon ball super new arc has been confirm, it will be broad cast around 18 and 25 December as we know the arc of future trunks has come to an end  and everyone waited to see new character and i wondered who are they and i can wait to laugh on the next episode when Goku called Zeno by the name Zen Chan. i can't wait to see everyone reaction on the dragon ball especial Gowasu.

as we all know that on episode 66 we watch this Sunday, future Trunks killed Black Zamasu and we see Zeno appearing on the next episode, this is the proof the the arc of trunks future end on the next episode that will be broadcast  on 20 November 2016.

i heard the news that the new arc on dragon ball it will begin on 18 December and we all hoping to see new characters but what is the most interesting is that all of the dragon ball fans they eager to see the remaining 10 of the god of distraction.  we already know  Beerus and Chappa and it already proven that god of distraction are strong but this two we already know. that they are not cruel as the other  god of distraction from another universe. this facts it started by Whis when he told the z fighter. however, what eager me most for the next episode, i wanted to see how will Zeno react on everyone as we know that they committed a sin but traveling through time but the way it looks, Zeno will forgive everyone as many blog stated that Zeno wanted to distroy the future Trunks world  because he became friend with Goku. Goku will beg him. we don't know let wait and watch the next episode.

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