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Ten country that eat dog meat

Dog meal  consume by army during the world war on and two but since the eating Dog meat is illegal and in some other country it considered a taboo. you can get arrest for killing a dog and sell it meat and you can spend five years in prison but in some other country it legal to eat dog meat.

these are the list of the country that eat dog meat:


Nigeria is populated with Christianity, eating dog meat is considered a Taboo and its illigal to eat dog meat in Nigeria but the research show that some various group in the state of Nigeria including Ondo state, Akwa Ibom, Platea, kalaba, this group they still eat dog meat. they believe that dog meat is a medicinal powers.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

dog meat in DRC Congo is considered a Taboo but because of the crisis of the Ebola, the test result shows that dogs are infected by Ebola,  the consumption of dog meat is no longer a taboo.

among the vame people, the research sow that domestic dogs are only eaten for specific rituals.

 in most of the state and territories it is not crime to eat dogs but in southern Australia is only the state that prohibits the consumption of dogs met including killing it. it is illegal to sell dog meat in any Australian state or Territory

it is legal to sell and serve dog meat but it must be killed and gutted in front of federal inspectors to prevent cruelty which would be violation of the crime code.


most of the people dogs are considered as men best friends but not in china, Dogs are meat, however, dogs are only eaten in winter because scientist believe that dog meat give warmth.

China they eat dogs but only in 21 June


Geagogi meaning Dog meat in Korea. Dog meat is Korea are serve at the restaurant and you can even find it on the street hawkers. the consumption of dog mean in Korea is their culture

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