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The facts and myth about hard work and how hard work confuse people

Hard work we been hearing these word since were born but tell you the truth the word Hard work is just confuse people, before i state the facts and myth about Hard work, let me explain and define the word hard work.

"Hard work is the price of success, dedication to the job at hand and the determination that whether you we lose or fail...." as you read the sentence and try to comprehend it by your self. I'm 100% sure when you asked someone how did he achieve his success? and he/she tell you that is hard work. you may understand him/her because you just read the definition right now but you didn't comprehend the depth of the word does why is to difficult for you to apply it. you know when I was attending school my teacher and my fellow student always preach this word to me but i try to understand it and try to apply it but i always failed and yes falling is normal but if you keep doing the same thing over and over again getting the same results. it looks insane and absurd but it still hard work according to the definition because you dedicated your self to it and you end up fail. yes you have work hard but the is no results and you end with this question. how did my friend pass and you failed when you work hard without giving your self a rest? how i'm i so different from  him and then you felt your head become heavily and you know why you failed?

you been confused, yes, your friends and teachers, whoever told you that he archive success because of hard working they're confusing. hard work is a complex word, it referred on Farmers,it a farmer who suppose to work hard but before you can understand what does the word work-hard mean to you? you must understand your self first, have a strategy. most people failed because they lack of strategy. you know what, an author once said to me that your rather be a working smart person than the hardworking person. i mean you cannot be a working hard person if your an author like me or your an student, that word doesn't apply. it only apply to farmers and people who work with there hand as the definition said it but when you work with your mind, forget about that word, it might confuse you. everything that involve mind is thinking and imagination that's the first step. use your thinking to create a strategy and use your imagination to give a shape to your strategy.

what are the myths and fats about hardworking?

hard work will bring you success! yes at first i believe that but let me tell you a story of my life. when i first attend my grade 10. I was a science student and our teacher always tell us that you must work hard and read your books in order to pass science. since I love science very much, i start reading science every day, i didn't even give my self a time to read another subject but when the test results come, it was a fail but i didn't give up, i keep practicing and read and the test always come back failed. it was confusing and i keep doing this for almost two years until someone wake me up. the mistake i did is that i didn't use strategy and imagination does why i kept falling because all of my work were lacking shape and strategy.

the fact is that hard work will not bring you success, is working smart that will bring you a success. if you learn to combine thinking with your imagination you get working smart.it was not hard work that i finally pass the test  of a science it is strategy and my imagination i use afte someone told me. before you can work hard you must be smart and have a strategy as you know you can not build a house without a plan and the foundation. if you try it your house will not even stand, it will even luck a shape.

when you asked someone, it might be your classmate or fellow business men and he/she tell you that is because of hard work, don't go and start working without asking him the strategy because if you do, it obvious you will totally fail as i said you can not build a house without a plain and foundation. your house it will lack shape and strength. however, if you come up with a strategy before start working. i'm assuring you that you work will have a shape and strength and everyone will love it.

is the facts that hard work it only apply to farmers and people who work with hands. i don't believe in stupidity or half baked person. people were just lazy to think. Einstein quote, "imagination is more important than the knowledge," because is only imagination that form a shape from nothingness every shape and meaning come from imagination.

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