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The interesting thing for being a writer

being a writer doesn't mean that you must write something and publish it. what i love about writing is that it keep me busy, when i feel so bored i just write something that come in my mind. you can be a writer with out publish any of your work to tell you the truth i write over hundreds of poems and short stories but i never publish any of it and if someone ask me why, i can answer that. there are many reason why were write  and why writing is so important to us as human being. you might not saw it as important but being a writer is that anyone can express his/her imagination come to reality.

I love writing when i'm bored because i think too much. i remembered at school my class mate use to call me Walter Mitty, the friction character from the secret life of Walter Mitty because i was use to sit at the back of the class  fantasying thing that don't really exist, it was all friction story but the problem that time i didn't write them down. does why i regret it even now because i try to remember all the story i fantasy while i was at school. however, after i my grade 12, my life begins to get bored because i didn't register any collage and all my friends were gone to collage, so i was bored, i was always thinking and depress, sleep  a lot. then this things were get worse, i was becoming lazy, i needed to find me something that will keep me busy and i come up with a dairy. i create a diary on the dairy i began to write every that came in my mind and believe me,  i wrote many stories and poems on my diary. i begin to feel batter each and every day when i wrote something.

the interesting things about writing is that it free your mind from outside world and take you to the different world as i said you don't need to publish anything and being a writer doesn't need any skill, just write what came in your mind and i promise you that you'll feel different and stress free.

her are the things that is so interesting about writing:

* Stress free
* you can earn money for being a writer.
* improve you writing skills
* give you access to reading
* active Mind
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