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top classic movies that will hit billion of dollars when it franchise

hey my name is surrender and i the friend of  the owner of this blog and we get on the discussion where we bring remember the old time before DVD, i can remember that old time watching movie on VHS and cliff and i we come to an augment about the classic movie that will hit a billion if it franchise, this topic i have upload on my blog and i will like it to spread around the world.

so i came up with the five list of the classic movie that i love and i watch over and over, i can even tell you the hole story without even watching it.

5. Double Impact

i watch this movie in old days, i was about five years when were using VHS video player, this movie is my child hood move if it get franchise i’m sure it will hit a billion on box office, it might not get a billion but it will get close about 600 million in box office.

4. scarface

scarface is not only my favorite movie but i also like its game, i play it like five time and i completed three time also the main character of this movie Al Pacino is my favorite actor but let get to the point this movie is the best if it get franchise it will hit 700 million box office.

3. Blade

truly speaking, i don’t like wisely snipes also i don’t like vimpire movie but truthful speaking this movie is the best and it deceive the number three, if it franchise it will reach about 800 million on a box office

2. The matrix

guess what with only part one this movie made over 400 million not mention the last two part, so let imagine when this movie got franchise, this movie will hit billions of dollars on box office no doubt about it.

1. terminator

this movie suppose to be in number two, the matrix should take this place but the reason i place this movie in the first place is because it already started the franchise terminator genesis, i know that it didn’t reach billion but come to think of it their is a lot of room of this movie to reach there. well i believe in this movie, let wait for the second franchise and see about it but i’m sure it will hit billions in the box office

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