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what would you do when you been dating someone for months and later you found out that he/she has a child?

i was planning to bring this topic yesterday but i didn't because there was a problem with my computer. this topic, i asked by my friend and i tell him that i will just accepted it and move on with her but he said to me that he will just broke up and i asked him why and he just said that he don't want to be a step father and i was like what! and i was surprise. so i thought to bring this topic to you guys, i know there are some of you around who hate to be step parers. i won't denied it me too i hate it but when i got up in the position of love. i would accepted and move on. i mean the child has nothing to do with you and your partner and he/she didn't do anything wrong the most important thing you, you should asked your self that do you love him/her?

i did some research and here is what i found from this question:

i will start with woman. woman they don't mind if there guy has a child from outside or not. if they found that there men has a child from outside or the guy has been married. woman they have that courage to ignore everything for the sake of love. when a woman love someone she will never leave his side no matter what happen. i mean i see lot of woman being abuse by they men but they kept stick to that guy and you as a men you will asked yourself why is this woman still doing with the men who abuse her every day and the answer you will came up with is that she is a fool but if you look deep inside that woman there is still that spark of love and glimpse of hope shinning so bright believing that someday her men will change. i grew up in hardship and even now the life is still hard for me. i won't tell you my problem but tell you the truth. woman they carry lot of patience and love than men.

second i will come to men. men they don't have that love. you know it is rare to find someone who love you completely but most of the men they believe that love come from sex, does why i said when a men caught his wife cheated on him. is not usual that he will forgive you. he can kill you or even kill himself if that men is not brave enough.  when you a woman and you have a child and a men found out that you have a child. if that men has a good heart and know the true meaning of love he will accept and keep the relationship but that's is against the odd. threat men are few in this would. i will tell you the reason why is this way to men but is just a hypothesis and what i think is the reasons. i will just name the fact and explain.

the reason why men he will break you up when he find out that you have a child:

*Religion, they play a huge part on men. first religion promote men a the ruler of this world does why is not usual for a men allow to be surpass by woman. i don't know any other religion than Christianity. so i will show you an example by Christianity. on a genesis it written that eve was created out to the rip of Adam, to serve Adam and keep him company to remove his loneliness. men believe that woman are met to serve only men. does why when he found out that you had another child from outside. he will broke up with you because to him your just a broken tool who already serve another men.

*culture culture they play the main role of this support men as the ruler of this world, i know the government try to change that by giving woman a equal right but they never change the culture. there are many cultures all over the world but most of the culture i know is woman who serve the men. no matter how may the children the men has you as a woman you must keep quiet and accept move on and serve him as you meant to be at the reason.

*society. the government may have given the woman the equal right but the society no, they will never let a woman rule the world no matter what. according to the society is abomination for a woman to rule the world. as i said woman are meant to serve men does why the society will never let any woman rule. for example is not many woman who are president in this world. i mean i never heard a country that has a woman president, i don't know maybe there is but i never heard of it.

the truth is is not usual for a men to keep his relationship going when he found out that her girlfriend has a child but a woman will accept and continue with the relation ship. the reason is woman i view as the tool to pleasure men unless that men is not from  the reason i included in. you may tried to denied this but is true we men we just been problem, it may not come up on your mind but deep inside your brain. so woman now that you know the reason be careful with men you fall in love with because he might live you after he got what you want but don't worry about it. you can have sex with lot of men is fine but don't get pregnant or no men will marry you unless, he is the father of the baby.

thank you

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