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What would you say when you find your girl friend in the bed with another men

this is a normal case we boys we solve every day. i don't know but for a girl to cheat is kinder of a Taboo, is like marrying many men at the sometimes that why their are not forgiven when they caught cheat but a men can sleep with many woman and at the end he will be forgiven.
i saying these because this crisis happens in our society. you may found two couple being married for many years and you find that the husband is not coming home is with another woman but for a wife to go and stay to another men, i don't want to say but it will be a big problem. cheating is normal but it is wrong, don't play with someone heart.

what would you say when you find your girl friend in the bed being with another men

have you find your girl with another men in the bed, is very frustrating ins't it. i can imagine, you get angry and painful at the sometime but some men are not brave enough to face this crisis, you find a men  kill his own wife but the brave one can ignore it and move on with their life after all it doesn't effect you, it all in your brain. however, when you found your girl in bed room with another men. you don't say anything but asked and that's wrong because the girl what she will say to you  it will be pain full but most men when their find their girl with another men they likely to asked this question. "did you enjoy it?" that the dump question for god sake she did enjoy it, if it was not the case she wouldn't have slept with him at the first place. so when you find your girl with another men in the room to asked any question try to calm your self think before you say anything or act because she will say something that might make you angry like "baby it's not what you think," and this kind of answer might irritate you and you find you self doing something wrong that you will regret it latter. so i advise you not to say anything just get out from the bed room and go outside and get some fresh air. try to think of it a benefit an opportunity for you to get another girl. this might help you but don't say anything until she come to you to apologize and the it when you will asked her a question you  want to asked.

some girl they cheat on their men because they don't get attention from them and if you don't give a girl an attention she wants their no doubt she will cheated on you. girl are quick to fall in love with a men who pay attention to her very much but they hate being in the shadow of another person. when you concentrate too much on work or friend your girl friend might loose a that love for you and she will get another men who pay attention to her.
so when she cheated on you and you when you look you give her whats she wants and your giving her attention, just know this that girl doesn't love you  then asked her why and what did you do wrong to deserve such treatment," don't yell at her if her reason that doesn't make any sense. don't say anything and from that day on stop give her attention, don't talk to her  and i don't do anything with her find something that might keep you busy and note: don't afraid to share with your friends this will help you heal, sharing problem with your friend your not embarrassing your self but healing your self. your friend might go and tel another friend but don't mind it because you know why you tell him.

so if you didn't give her an attention and sometimes you come late at home, you spend more time with your friend, if she apologize, i advice to considered it, we all make mistake and you too make the mistake for not giving her the attention she want. just say, "yes i understand and  i forgive you," from that day on asked her what she want and give her every attention she want. a mistake of sleeping with another men doesn't mean that she doesn't love you. sex is not love, is just a expression of a bond between two people and some they just have sex for enjoyment. you might find that your girl she slept with another men because she was ego for you to bond with her. so when she slept with another men she felt like she bonded with you but that doesn't mean she didn't love you. she did love you and you didn't love her back. so both of you are wrong so is better to forgive each other for the sake of love after all the guy she slept with he didn't leave his thing inside her hole and you too can still enjoy sex. the only thing that kills men they think sex is love and if you think that way your in trouble because i'm sure the girl you will marry will not be a virgin. you may find out that she been sleeping with many men but if you love her and she love you just put it aside and cherish her that what love is right?

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