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Brian Russel. The sixth world criminals

Part Three
Brian Russel. The sixth world criminals

A rounded wall with a lamb aside from the wall, five windows around the office with the flags on top, there are five photographs of five councilors at each flag and big cherry desk that seems almost superfluous with a deep burgundy leather chair surround the desk. Four people were assembling at the chamber, wearing grey long coat on its shoulder there is emblem that present the position. Every councilor is sited toward his photograph.
a guy with his hands clasp against his chin, his hair is cut short, with a little trail of white hair just above his ears.
“have you find anything, my fellow lords?” he asked.
The woman with long blonde hair, well shape body was lean on her chair as she lifts her left legs across her right leg.
“lord g, I heard the second division commander that Bryan, the second division commander is missing.”
Lord G raise his head as he glance at the blonde woman and the blonde woman just flick a smile.
“what was his last mission Lord J?” Lord G asked.
“let me check just give me a second,” said lord J.
she start flipping files, Lord G sway his head as he glance at the guy beside him.
“do you find anything Lord D?” he asked.
Lord D groan as he look down while shook his head with his arms fold across his Chest.
“Lord L?” lord G squint at another guy beside him. Lord L just open his files as he take out some peppers and hand over to Lord G.
“what it this?” lord G asked. He didn’t even touch the papers, he just squint at them.
“is the letters from client, send to us by Agent 100,” said Lord L.
lord J stand up as smash the table. “I’m sorry my lord but isn’t agent 100 retire?” she asked.
Lord G glance at Lord J nodding his head, “what are you trying to suggest Lord J,” Lord G asked.
Lord J didn’t say anything as she shook her head sitting down. Lord G pick the letter as he read it one by one.
“client name:14080, Reno Momoshi, capture her alive, 75 thousand dollars, place and picture none?” Lord G read the letter out loud.
“Reno Momoshi, I heard this name before?” Lord G glance at Lord L as he passed the letter to Lord D
Lord L nod his head as he takes another paper and hand it over to lord G.
“yes, your right, you heard the name because is the young sister of Agent 100. She married to Billy, the third rank world criminal. Since her husband gone missing for fifteen years, she too she has been missing?” said Lord L
“so what are you suggesting Luke?” lord G asked.
Lord L clasp his hand against his chin. “I think, she been kidnapped by this client?” he said.
“so what does the client want with this young girl?” lord G asked.
Lord L shook his head, “that’s what I want to know?” he said.
“does Agent 100 know about this?” Lord G asked.
Lord L shook his head, “I don’t think so.”
Lord g chuckles, “Jane, did you find what I requested?” lord G glance at Lord J.
Lord J took the papers as she too hands over to Lord G, “yes, The last mission Bryan was send to is to capture Tom Hon.”
“who send him to do that?” Lord G asked.
“I did,” said Lord D
“Dave, how could you send a low rank commander to such dangerous mission?” Lord G asked.
“My lord, he requested it,”
Lord G muffled some air and then Pfft, he jerk his head away.
“I’m sorry my Lord,” said Lord D
Lord G sighs, “is not your fault,” he gazed at Lord L. “please call me the commander of the first division,” he said.
Lord L raise his hand as he looked his watch wrap around his wrist.
“I send him on a mission, I don’t know what took him so long, he should be back by now,”
“what mission?” Lord G asked.
Lord L chuckles, “nothing serious, I just send him to collect this client letters from the bars,” he said.
The wind rustle, the dust swirls away with the breeze. Cloud covers the sky. A castle surrounded by the wall, many guard on the walls holding archers, wearing white shirt. On the main gate there is a flag drawn the sign of the phosphorus government as one of the guard scout and the horse was approaching fast from far away.
“open the gate, captain is approaching,” the guard shout. They open the gate as their captain didn’t wait at the gate.
“Thanks, Perry, you guys are truly a life saver,” said the captain as he gets down from the horse.
“don’t worry sir, we are doing our job,” said Perry.
inside the lords chamber, they waiting for the first division captain. Lord G was starting to lose patience.
“Lord L, are you sure, Derek Tylor still alive? Lord G asked.
Lord L chuckles, “Monster G don’t underestimate Derek, he’s strong, I’m sure there…” Lord L gasp as didn’t finish, he interrupted by Derek Tylor when he enters the chamber.
Derek Tylor kneel on one knee, “My lord, forgive me, I’m late.”
Lord L chuckles, “don’t bother, where is the letters?”
Derek Tylor stood up as he takes the letter out of the pocket and hand it over to Lord L. Lord L start open the letters as lord G, Lord J and Lord D help him opening the letters.
“client name 14084, capture Bonnie dead or alive 30 thousand dollars,” Luke read the letters loud. he put the letter on the table as he open another letter.
“I have one brother,” said Lord J
“what it is?” lord G asked.
“client name 14085 capture Clyde dead or alive 30 thousand dollars,” Lord J read the letters.
Lord G sighs as he throws the letter on the table, “it looks like this guy is after me, Client name 14000 capture Monster G alive 1.5 million dollars with my picture and the location.” Monster g throw the picture on the table.
All the lord shock but Lord L he was not shock as he too sighs. “all of us we are wanted, client 14000 capture all lords of phosphorus government alive 10 million dollars.”
Lord J stand up, “Bother, where did they get that kind of money, this is absolutely a scam,” Lord J shout.
“I don’t think so,” Derek Tylor shout. Lord J sway her head and Look at Derek. “Client organization is a wealthy organization, all the gunslingers who completed the mission we all paid,” said Derek
“all paid?” Lord G asked.
Derek Tylor nod his head, “but not with real money but gold.”
“Gold?” all the lord asks at the same time. Derek Tylor nod his head.
“isn’t these not the fools gold use by Yukon from Iron shade?” Lord G asked.
Derek Tylor shook his head. “those gold are 60 percent pure but the gold that this organization pay with is 100 percent pure, a one kilo of gold cost around 5000 dollars while the iron shade gold cost 1000 dollars per kilo,”
“meaning every million is about 200 kilos,” Monster g sighs, “is our life worth that much?” he asked.
Lord L chuckles, “look this letter,” he said as he hand over the letters to Lord G.
“client 14092 collect information about Tom Hon with 150 thousand rand.”
Lord G bite his lower lips as he angry punch the table. “we must find these clients,” he glanced at Derek Tylor. “Tylor, I need you to investigate what the client want on the younger sister of Agent 100,” Monster G shout.
“yes my lord,” Tylor salute as he quickly walk out the chamber.
“Monster G, why don’t you let him investigate about this client?” Lord L asked.
“yes Lord G, brother is right we should investigate this client and found out who they really are?” said Lord J.
Monster G chuckles, “is useless to investigate to people who are hiding in shadows but this Momoshi surname, it make my skin tickle,” said Lord G
“What do you mean?” Lord J asked.
Lord G shook his head, “I heard father talking to my mother once, he said something about Momoshi people being related to gods,”
“meaning?” Lord J asked as she curious to hear it.
Lord G sway his head and look at Dave and Luke and they both nod their head. “Luke and Dave, you know what I’m talking about, Jane I’m afraid, you cannot be part of this?” said Lord G.
Lord J stand up as she smash the table, “I’m the lord here, what is the meaning of this,” Lord J shout.
Lord L fold his arms across his chest, “my sister, the reason I allow you to become a lord because I want you to replace Agatha who retire but I could not let you get hurt for our sins does why lord G won’t tell you,” said lord L
Lord J understand but he jerk her face away as he walk out the chamber.
Squeaking sound of a door open as he lumbers, the bar get silence, there were only three guys at the bar playing cards as the guys didn’t even glance at the guys playing the card. He pick the chair as he sit in front on the counter.
“one bottle of wine,” he look down as he dark grey hat lean forward covering his face, his long fair hair hanging behind his back.
“5 dollars,” said the Barmen.
He chuckles as he took a lot of coins out his pocket and he put them on the counter. The barmen glance at the guy for couple of second.
“any problem Karrin?” he asked.
The barmen start counting the coins, the three guys stop playing cards as they were all silence gazing at the guy. Is only a clicking sound of coin that barmen is counting and the sound of a squeaking of a door swinging back and forth. The wind rustle the door as the door swing faster. That squeaking sound it makes the barmen flinch as he stopped counting coins, he looks at the door.
“what is the matter Karrin?” The guy asked.
Karrin gaze down and look at the guy, “nothing” he said as he continues counting the coins. The squeaking sound of a swing door keeps swinging as the clicking sound of coins’ rhythm together. Karrin flinch again by the sound of a foot step on the floor porch as he gaze at the door and he only saw boots standing outside. He gaze down at the guys as he ignore and start counting the coins. The foot step click as the guy enters inside the bars. It was Billy as he pause at the door scouting around the bar. The guy who is siting in front of the counter, didn’t even look who was he? he thought is some other guy who want to buy something to drink.
“I found you Brian Russel,” said Billy.
“who are you, to mess with a guy like me,” Brian Russel swivel his head as he saw that it is Billy, he flinched as he jumps back. 
He flicked smile, “what does a big fish like you want from me?”
“I don’t want you, I’m looking for something, if I found it on your position, I will kill you,” said Billy.
Brian flick a smile as he disappear and he appear behind Billy pointing him with the gun. “what if I kill you now,” said Brian.
Billy chuckles. Brian blink as everyone in the bar blink. With that blink, it was a longest blink ever, as Billy knock him down from the back. “stay don’t there don’t move,” said Billy as he point him with the gun.
“what was that technique?” Brian asked.
Billy didn’t respond as he took the gun from Brian as he started searching his pocket.
“it doesn’t matter, what I want is…” he takes out the letter out of Brian Russel’s pocket.
“hey bring that back,” Brian shout.
Billy punch him on the face as he head to the counter as sit where Brian was sitting.
“don’t think of running Brian, your under my reflex messy, every action you took, it will took you hours to do it, to me your moving in a slow motion,”
“what is this technique, are you using motion reflex?” Brian asked.
Billy chuckles, “that’s child technique. However…” Billy look at the letter and in the front it was written 14083. “14083 huh?” Billy asked. As he take out the letter inside.
Client name: 14083.
mission: capture Reno alive
Target location: found
Address: barrow town 77 Val Street.
 Mission commission: 75 thousand dollars.
picture: none.
Billy bite his lower lip then pfft, he muffle an exposing of anger.
“what do you want to do with this letter Brian? He asked.
“we are gunslingers, is our duty to complete the mission,” he said. “75 thousand dollars is a lot of money for people…” Billy kick Brian on the face as he hit the wall.
“not me,” said Billy
“kid, what is wrong with you, that’s is money beside that, do you know who is that girl is?” Brian asked.
“yes, my Wife,” he said as he draw his gun and shoot Brian Russel on the forehead. He walk away from the bar as he didn’t even pick the copse of Brian Russel inside the bar. He saddle his horse and ride away.
A group of armed people riding horse in the middle of the desert heading north. In the middle, there is two horse carrying a cart, inside the cart there was a middle age woman.
Poo! The sound of a gun blast, the guards stop scouting around but they don’t see anyone around. one of the guard scream as all the guard look on the cart blood was linking from the cart. The guard commander open the door.
“my queen” the guard commander shout. The queen has been shot dead. “search this place right now,” the guard commander shout commanding the guard as the guards start searching the place. However,
The guy with a long brunette hair carrying a rifle on his back walking to west.
“Ding Dong over?” the phone ring.
Ding Dong pick the phone. “this is Ding Dong over?”
“Ding Dong this is Client 14083 over,”
“The mission is done. The queen of iron shade is dead over,” said Ding Dong.
“well done, I have another mission for you over,” said client 14083, “there is a guy called Rondo McGinn, he talk too much, I want you to make him cripple,” said Client 14083.
Ding Dong chuckles, “consider it done over,” said Ding Dong as he saddle the horse and ride away.
To be continue on Part Four: The Drunker

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