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Client 14083

The event of this stories occur three years before the event of Gunslingers the Heart of Fury and revive of Gerudo. This events covered the history of Billy and three legendary scientists.
This short stories series will covered and details all the mysteries have been happening in gunslingers novel series. They are multi part of this short story series. It will be explaining the start and the end of this gunslingers series. It will just open the path of comprehending the next coming Novel of Gunslingers dawn of apocalypse.
Each of the part of this short stories will be publish after three days. So, don’t go far, I have an interesting story for you.
Client 14083

Year 1911 may 12 time 11o’clock morning, Crowd inside the bar with a little disturbing nose everyone drinking beer. Suddenly a silence everyone flick and straighten up their ears listening to the sound of a footsteps of a horse outside. they knew someone is coming. The sun is shining through the door. The shadow of a guy wearing a hat appears in inside the bar, it was silence, everyone in the bar glaring at the door, only the footstep clicking on a porch floor as the strange guy enters. He pause at the door as he sway his head to left and right scouting the whole bar. he heading to bar counter (Bar Men) as he sit on the chair.
He was wearing long black leather trouser and long grey Jacket. “One bottle of beer please” said the strange guy. He commands as took 10 dollars out of his pocket and give to Bar men. It was quiet at the Bar, you can even hear the rhythm of a breeze rustling outside. The Bar men come with a bottle of beer as he give to the strange guy with a glass.
The strange guy give a Bar men a strange smirk. “Any client for me ZEB?” he asked. The strange guy pours some bear on the glass with chuckles coming from him. Zeb chuckle nodding his head but didn’t alter a word. He just turn around. there was a door behind Zeb as he head to the door. the strange guy he held his glass of beer as he lifts it and pause close to his lips glancing at Zeb when he opens the door. The strange guy could see what behind the door but is looks like an apartment. It seems like the bar is somehow connected to the apartment as Zeb get inside, disappear with the close of the door.
Two strange guys barge in with guns and start to harassing the strange guy while pointing him with their guns. In this world, everyone’s life worth something and this mysterious guy worth 100 thousand dollars. He is third world criminals. they are called outlaw meaning Gunslinger. The two-strange guy pointing guns at the strange guy siting drinking his beer, they came for his head.
 One of the strange guy with a blonde hair shouts like he was yelling, “Big guy, dead or alive your coming with us.” The strange guy was wearing a brown rug of a jacket with a blue jean prodding the mysterious guy with gun. The long blonde guy was acting like he knows what he is doing, he’s friend behind wearing a black hat with a shirt a light brownish trouser, he has a round face with a blue eye with a devilish smirk, he is showing off as he places one of his hand on his waist while with another had. He was playing with his revolver twisting it like a professional gunslinger. However, the mysterious guy, it didn’t bother him as he finish drinking his beer. He didn’t even glance at them only chuckles come from him. No wonder he is so mysterious. I’m sure you might know him by now. if you read the first book: “Gunslingers The heart of Fury”
The bar isn’t just silence for nothing, the is mysterious to this mysterious guy. Who his he? And what so special about him? However, the long blonde guy and the devilish smirk guy were standing waiting for this mysterious guy to respond pointing guns at him but the long blonde guy has a big mouth, he never stops mocking him.
“Are you deaf, we are talking to you… priest…today will see that your God will save you this time?” the long blonde guy shouts. This tick off the mysterious guy as put the glass of beer down on the table while standing.
he pushed the chair back ward away from the counter. The long blonde guy flick as he takes one step back as the devilish smirk guy take two step forward. This time he takes the lead. The dog finish barking, is time for the landlord to take some action. The devilish smirk guy chuckle, “so you finally in the mood to battle… priest?” he asked.
The priest take the necklace from his pocket, it has a Christian cross emblem. he swayed his head squinting at them.
His eyes were tense, he don’t show no sign of a smirk or something. He looks contempt.
“Father please forgive me what I’m about to do, In the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit,” he said while turn around and quickly give them the taste of his glance and his tense eye surging with anger. This cause the people who are in the bar stated shivering with fear even the long blonde guy. The hand he was holding a guy was shaking as he takes another step back.
The devilish smirk guy chuckles, “you can tell him in the afterlife,” The devilish smirk guy rack his gun as he point at the priest. “see ya,” he said as he was about to pull the trigger. The priest chuckles. However, the long blonde guy was behind taking another step back sweating, his hand was shaking, he looked at devilish smirk guy in front of him but the devilish was confident, even the way he rack his gun, he rack his gun like he is about to finish someone who is venerable to fight. the gun blonde guy was holding was vibrating along with his hand. he don’t even know how to pull the trigger, his fingers were shaking while slowly taking a step back.
“hey Jerry, come here don’t be coward,” the devilish guy yelled at the long blonde guy. It was a smart move to take a step back for blonde guy but I wish he should run away when he had a chance.
“Cain, are you sure about this,” the long blonde guy asked while glance at the priest face. He was not showing any sign of a weakness to long blonde(Jerry) point of view.
Cain sway his head and look at the Jerry. “yes, I’m sure, what the big deal, there is no big deal I can take this guy no problem,” said Cain
“this guy, looks pretty strong, will be dead before we pull trigger here,” Jerry suggest as he gain some confident as he take step forward.
The priest smirk at them, the necklace he is holding was hanging at the priest hand. “Now that you rack your gun, are you willing to pull the trigger?” He asked
They both flinched with their eyes widen. “What do you mean?” Jerry asked with his gruff voicing cracking in fear while taking step to the right trying to take cover by Cain.
“don’t listen to his bullshit, he is dead already,” Cain said as he pulled the trigger.
The priest just glide his head to the side as the bullet hit on one of bottle of beer on the cabinet bar
“missed,” the priest flick a smirk point them with his left index finger while holding his necklace.
“Guns are not for threats are for action Jerry boy, you should run away while you can,” the priest quickly draws his pistol with right hand. Cain didn’t even pick a glimpse of his movement with a blink of his eyes he found the priest holding his gun. The moment he the priest gun. He was laying on the floor dead along with blonde guy. The necklace he is hold with his left hand drop to the floor. Everyone in the bar is staring at The priest with fear. The Priest shot them before with a blink of everyone eye. It was a great timing, that’s the secret of gunslinger. They wait for you to blink and when you open your eyes, your already dead
The priest start kneeling down on one knee. “Father pleases forgive them and bless their soul in hell they don’t know what they’re doing…” He slowly picks his necklace on the floor and put it on his neck.
“…In the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.” while weaving the sign of cross by touching hand sequentially to the forehead and both shoulders.
“Amen” He said approaching to the laying bodies of Cain and Jerry.
“You just buy yourself a ticket to hell. However, it will take thousands of bounty hunter to capture someone like me,” He said.
“Billy! you improve, since the last time we met, anyway here is your letter you ask for,” said Zeb as he place the letter on the counter.
Billy return to the counter as he pick the letter gaze at the counter and one of Cain bullet broken some beer. “sorry for that, how much the damage cost, I will cover it up?” Billy point at the broken bottle with finger.
Zeb swivel his head as he looks at the cabinet and beer two bottle of wine were broken.
“huh, don’t worry about it,” he said.
  Billy flick a smile as he return to Cain and jerry’s body as he kneel down and staring at them.
“that technique? What was it? Zeb asked.
Billy take a deep breath, “Love your enemies and do well to those who hate you…” he said as he squint at Zeb. “what do you mean?” he asked.
Zeb shrugged, “you make everyone blink before shooting those guys.”
Billy giggle, “you saw that?”
Zeb flick a smile nodding his head.
Billy chuckle, “it wouldn’t surprise me not from you,” he said. He look the letter that Zeb given to him and it was written 14083 and the front of it, it was written the address it been delivered. 
“I didn’t want to be like this,” Said Billy. He pulled out his necklace as glance at necklace.
The voice of a young boy screaming, shouting, “Papa!” It was Sunday 10 o’clock morning 1883 as the bell start ringing for the church to start, guy wearing priest clothes laying down the floor bleeding. a boy comes running towards the priest crying and he held the priest on the chest.
“Father, you’ve been shot, who did this to you,” the young Billy asked.
The young Billy looked his hands, his hands are stain with blood of his father, he looks down the floor, and the blood of a priest flooded on the floor.
“Son, I need you to be strong and promise something,” the priest said as he held the young Billy hands while groaning in pain. The young Billy nod his head while squeezing his father hand and the tears gush from his eyes. The young Billy close his eyes tight to squeeze out the tears that burn from his eyes
“Ok, first let me call some help father,” the young Billy said. the priest squeeze Billy hands to stop him from going outside.
“No son, is too late, I can’t make it, I lost too much blood… The priest coughs three times and the blood ooze from his mouth, the priest was speaking in cracking voice. “Listen to me son, don’t be afraid, god is with you. Keep believing in God, don’t be like them continue serve your God and remember…”
Billy is staring at the necklace while remembering his father words. “…For if you forgive others their trespasses and your Heavenly father will also forgive you,” Billy said slowing while heading to counter but he keeps staring at the necklace.
“Take this necklace wearing at all time and God shall be with you,” said the priest while giving young Billy the necklace.
“Matthew 6:14,” said Zeb and his shouting snap out Billy from his flashback.
“What is wrong, why you always tender that necklace?” Zeb pour a beer on the glass giving it to Billy. “what is so special about it?” Zeb asked.
Billy put the necklace back as he pick his glass of beer given by Zeb.
“Is… for someone I… never mind, where?” Billy asked. Zeb just chuckles pointing a letter that Billy is holding. Client? Really what is Client?
Client is a secret cult, some call it organization.  these organization send letters through bars, for the outlaw. These letters contain mission and the details of mission. No one knows their names or faces they are using code name just like us you see when Billy look at the letter. It was written 14083. However, no one understands the meaning of that code.
Billy opens the letter and read it and it read as follows:
Client name: 14083.
mission: capture Reno alive
Target location: found
Address: barrow town 77 Val Street.
 Mission commission: 75 thousand dollars.
picture: none.
Billy bite his lower lip as he groans out of Anger. “Client 14083, I will found you and I will kill you,” he said while he put the letter on his pocket.
To Be continue
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