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Gunslingers dawn of apocalypse summary

The gunslingers dawn of apocalypse is not been publish yet but I will give you a summary what will happen.
On the book two Gunslingers revive of Gerudo, Tom Hon manage to revive Gerudo as Judy told the Monster G that if Gerudo is revive, her brothers will destroy the earth and at the end Tom Hon finally did revive Gerudo. He committed the sins of betrayal as the earth was fated to be destroy.
However, this what will happened to book three. Tracy the older sister of Palma will meet up with a handsome young man call Ernest. She fell in love with him as she take him to her father to introduce her lover. However, Kharisma appear after that as she explain to Palma and his whole family why she came. Medley requested Palma to marry Kharisma, so she could go after her father (Dexter) in order to protect her son from being abduct by her father but Palma refuse as she still in love with medley, this cause Palma to be a psyche as he started to abuse Kharisma. This make the young men Ernst angry as he engages Palma in battle. Ernest defeated Palma easily. Palma didn’t understand where Ernest got his power, as Palma he tries to get back up and fight Ernest. Tracy come out crying saying Medley and her son are missing. Palma knew it was Medley’s father (Dexter) who abduct them as Palma and the whole family hunt Dexter down as they found Dexter holding medley son and tied Medley. Palma manage to rescue medley as he engage in battle with Dexter, Dexter defeated Palma easily as Palma was badly injured but he manage to snatch his son from Dexter as he give it to Medley. Dexter asks her daughter to hand over his grandson or he will kill her. Medley refuse. Dexter got angry as he run toward Medley as he was intended to kill her but Ernest intervene as he knock Dexter with one punch away. Dexter too was surprise as Dexter reveal his true power but still Dexter has no match against Ernest. Ernest yelled at Dexter for trying to kill a woman, his yelled make Ernest reveals his true identity. They found out that Ernest is the pervert god (El Basto). Dexter knew that, he don’t stand a chance against El Basto. Dexter take advantage of El Basto weakness as he use Kharisma’s body and show El Basto Kharisma breast. El Basto low his guard as he get to excited seeing Kharisma’s breast. Dexter manage to punch El Basto as he flew away. Leaving Curl with no choice but to fight Dexter but he too was defeated easily. Dexter head to Medley who held Kyle and ask her to hand over the baby but Medley refuse. Dexter draw his gun and shoot at Medley but the injured Palma jump in as he took the bullet for Medley. Palm just fall down as he lost conscious that make Medley believe that Palma is dead. Medley cradled Palma as her hands was stain with blood of Palma, Medley shout to her own father vowing that he will kill him, this cause Medley to awaken the fury called the revenge of fury. She rampage against her father but still Dexter was able to fight back against this fury. However, while Medley use this power of fury, she was injuring her body as she was at the verge of her dearth. Palma wake up as he stop Medley before she died. Palma, Medley and Curl was defend less against Dexter. Dexter take the baby but Palma manage to stand up as he was prepared to died. he engage against Dexter but he was weak as he fall down before he could get to Dexter. Dexter decided to kill them all so they won’t get on his way in the future. He draw his gun as he point at the Palma who is lying on the ground helpless as he was about to pull the trigger. Zero intervene and punch Dexter away before he shoot Palma. Zero and Dexter they engage each other in battle but their strength were equal as they ended a draw revealing the true identity of Zero who happened to be Frank Judy. As everyone was shock this give Dexter a time to escaped with the child. Dexter use Kyle blood to summons Yama in order to see his dead wife again at the other side. As Yama appear, Yama got angry for being summons on the human world as he draw his scythe tries to strike Dexter down but Dexter lied as he call himself  a child of Gerudo. Yama didn’t believe it but he use the baby  as a prove as Yama found out the boy is a Werecat. Yama let Dexter see his dead wife at the tree if life, where Dora yelled at him of what he did to her daughter Medley. Dora told Dexter that she saw everything as she refusing to speak with me calling Dexter a evil men. Dora asked Yama to return him to the tree of life but Dexter bow down to ask Dora to give a minutes and hear what he wanted to say. Dexter told his wife that he only wanted to make things right, he was not intending to hurt his daughter. Dora held her grandson for one last time as he told Dexter to return her grandson to her daughter and apologize to him until she agree, if medley don’t forgive him when Dexter died she will never let her enter hell or tree of life for eternity. Dora asked Yama to return her to the tree of life Yama return Dora to the tree of life and he disappear too.  
El Basto fall at the strange house where he found a woman in bath, where he get carry away of his perverseness but he heard no idea that the woman is married. The husband of the woman  just come up with a gun and shoot at El Basto but the bullet just deflected away by El Basto body. However, he sense the presence of Gerudo, El Basto teleported himself to where Gerudo is, El Basto found Gerudo in the Tom Hon hide out where Gerudo, escort them to her temple so he can awaken his zombies but before he do so. Gerudo requested to see his lover for the first time, however, El Basto warned Tom Hon and jack that his brother Yama is ruthless, if he see a human, he will cut them in half but Tom Hon and jack refuse as they too wanted to see Yama. While they walking el Basto told Gerudo everything and that he can see the future before things happened. El Basto told Gerudo that she too has the power to see the future before it happened. Gerudo didn’t understand, el Basto explain to her when they absorb by the window of mighty that they travel to an endless time past present and future. El Basto help Gerudo to see her future revealing that Tom Hon will betrayed her and steal his power and Jaha, Nerdo and Xira will destroy the earth as she see herself being sealed again by his siblings. Gerudo didn’t told Tom Hon what she saw but instead she asked el Basto that if their anything she can too to change the future. El Basto shook his head saying that he cannot change the future unless he disrupts the time of seven gate of heaven.

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