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The Drunker

Part four
The Drunker

3 days earlier
I was alone at Viloria’s bar. It was hot and boring day.  That beautiful mama Viloria, she just give me a free boot. Two bottle of beer free because I told her the story about the guy called Kyle who destroy the whole entire nation just because bullies stabbed his girlfriend to the Death, it was a nice and romantic story, the way she flick a smile on me, I thought she fell in love me as she lean her head close to me. I was freezing. my mouth was craving to dig my lips to her lips as she approach her head close to me. I heard her chuckle say. “do you want some beer?”
I snap out with my eyes widen as flinch leaning my head back. I was blushing feeling the sweat breading all over my face. I gaze my eyes down. The was a three bottle of beer on my table. I just finish two and one left. I didn’t have some money. I shook my head.
“I don’t have the money for another beer,” I said.
She chuckle, flick her beautiful smile. “don’t worry is a free, take it as an appreciation for telling me a great story,” she giggles as she lean her head and kiss my chick.
It was a dream come true, a girl kiss me. I couldn’t wait for her to turn around so I can celebrate . she turn around and I was so happy that I drink the last beer remain on the table. So I can go and celebrate outside as I thought she will bring me only a glass of beer but no. she was crazy about me and I was just wrong. She bring me two glass of beer as she put them on the table and then.
“can I drink with you?” she asked.
My heart was pounding so fast, I didn’t even have any second thought. I nod my head pretending to be cool. She took out two glass as she opens one bottle of beer and pour to her glass as she pour to my glass. She glaze at me as she give me the glass of beer.
“take it, let drink,” she raise her glass and I raise mine as we collide them drinking all the beer all at once.
“another round?” he asked.
I gasp as I flick my smile, she just chuckle pouring a beer on my glass and I just giggle nervously as I take a sip. I look at her, she was so beautiful when she shake her head, her long black hair just swing forward and it was a work of a god.
She chuckles again. “tell me more story big guy,” she said.
I tell her lot of stories, I even tell her about me and I put spice there and there and we drink lot. I was sure that when we finish drinking, I was going to fuck her. I just crack some lame joke to taste if she drunk or not and she laugh.
I knew she was drunk, the way she laugh. she wouldn’t resist anything. I was about to confess to her how I feel about her. I clear my throat as I look down and she look at me waiting for me to take action and I was ready. I lean my head forward slowly and she too did the same, is like I was controlling her. my heart begin pound so fast as our lips get close to each other. she just stop when she heard the foot step of a horse outside the porch. I was angry and frustrated. I didn’t kiss her. I hated that horse. I wanted to go outside and kill that horse and the guy who is riding it. I just straight up as I heard the sound of someone get down from the horse. I open my ears very well. The click sound of a foot step, Goo! Goo! I could hear the foot step and I was sure that this guy is a gunslingers. The sound of a foot step it totally a big boots. He enters inside and he stop as he scout around.
I widen my eyes as my body start to shake with fear. It was the eight rank world criminal with a bounty of 40 thousand dollars. Lyrics Brown.
I felt some cold breeze rustle my sweat face however, at first I was in love but the emotion faded away with the breeze that rustle my face. I was staring death at my face. I knew very well that he wasn’t at the bar to kill anyone. He just wanted some damn letter but everyone in this world fear those people. Their freaking scary with their hat lean forward all you can see is darkness and hatred. He sway his head and look at us and I freeze.
“is anyone here?” he asked.
Viloria stand up, “yes, I’m the barmen, how can I help you?” she asked.
she head to the counter. “I need a bottle of beer and my parcel,” he said.
I was sitting there watching over him. I hated him for disturbing my … I don’t know what to call it but I call it a date. He takes out some dollars out of his pocket and give to Viloria as she gives him the bottle of beer and the letter.
Viloria was about to return to me but he stops her asking the glass, Viloria give her glass. He just chuckle opening the bottle of beer as he pour the beer.
I just brink and flinch. I was feeling strange.  Something just told me to turn my head and some guy was standing in front of the door. I wanted to scream and run but my conscious wouldn’t let me as I said. I was freezing. The guy was in front, it was Billy. The third world criminal. He just lean his hat forward revealing his face as he smirk.
“I have no grudge against you but if I found it on your position, I will kill you,” he said.
Viloria just get down taking cover by the table counter and I too, I wanted to take cover but there is no way I could. The table and chair wouldn’t be a cover that to protect me. Lyrics just laugh it off as he turn around and look at Billy.
“Kid, you been missing for 18 years… just get the hell out of here,” he take the glass of beer as he take a slip.  “found something to do like preaching for god sake,” he said.
he just laughs. Billy just push his long coat to the side as he reveal his gun.
“oh you want to die, die!” Lyrics shout.
As he was about to draw his gun. Billy just appear in front of him and bam! He shot him. Telling you the truth. I didn’t saw him how he move. he was so fast. I just blink and when I open my eyes it was just bam! the cry of a pistol.
Lyric Brown lying on the floor dead. He search his pocket and there was a lot of money inside Lyrics pocket. I thought he wanted money but he just throw it on the floor. He search the pocket as he take the letter. Lyrics Brown was holding. he open it and he just groan and growl like a beast.
He didn’t say anything, he just walk out of the bar and I was scared.
“Rondo, you always have a story,” said the Barmen as he pours the beer on the glass.
“I’m telling you the truth, Lyrics Brown is dead,” said Rondo.
“killed by who?” one of the guys in the bar asked.
Rondo just pick the glass of beer as he drinks all of it at once, “did you hear what I said, is Billy, The priest.”
One of the strange guy sited on corner shout, “go to hell, Rondo, your drunker, the priest has been gone missing for 18 years.”
“and I’m sure he dead wherever he is,” the barmen said.
“Brix, I’m telling you, The priest is alive and he is back. I saw him with my two eyes,” he said.
Brix stare at Rondo and he was drunk, he just shook his head as he continues doing was he is doing.
“hey Rondo,” the guy on the corner call him and Rondo sway his head and look at the guy. “what it is?” he asked.
The guy raise his three fingers, “how many finger, do you see?” the guy asked.
Rondo lean forward as he opens his eyes wide, “ah two,” all the guys at the bar started laughing. “no that’s four fingers,” the guys on the bar they continue laughing.
“Rondo, you’re such a drunker, how can we guarantee that you saw Billy, when you can’t see my fingers,” said the guy.
The barmen giggle, “it dark already, go home and rest Rondo, you had enough for today,” said Brix.
Rondo stand up, “but I’m telling you the truth, Billy is alive,” said Rondo as he staged and hobble back and forth walking out of the bar.
outside the street, it was dark. The sum has already set. The street was empty, there was no one at the street. Only three guy all wearing white suite with white hat.
“what are we doing here, it’s cold out here, let get back home.” Said the guy on the left. They were all wearing the same cloth with the hat lean forward.
“just chill ok,” said the guy on the middle.
“Boss, I don’t understand, why you so interested on this girl called Reno,” the guy on the right asked.
The guy on the middle just giggle, “she may be innocent but she has the power to destroy this world,”
The guy on the left just sighs, “is she a bomb or something,” he asked.
The guy in the middle chuckles, “a bomb, is more advance than bomb,” he said.
They heard someone singing as they sway their head and look the person who is singing. It was Rondo staged walking back and forth. He was drunk.
“he just some drunker?” said the guy on the right.
“yah, should we go now boss?” the guy in the left asked.
“yah, I was waiting for…”
“hey you” Rondo interrupted point the guy in the middle with his index finger. “I know you, your dead,” Rondo shout.
The guy in the left look at her boos, “Zero shall we kill him, she just saw your face,”
Zero lean his white hat forward, “78 and 79 let’s go, he just a drunker, no one will believe him. However, will dealt with him lately,” he said as his body slowly turn in to sand and the wind rustle the sand away.
78 and 79 just look at Rondo, “very well,” they said at the same time as they slowly sink inside the ground and disappear.
Rondo was left with the eyes open wide. He don’t believe what he saw. He rub his eyes and rub his eyes again. he thought he was dreaming as he rub his eyes again.
All the alcohol Rondo drink was all gone. He thought of going back at Brix’s bar and tell them but he knew that no one will believe him. Rondo take one step forward but he was scared. He decided to run back to the Brix’s bar.
he run and run as he lumbers inside the bar breathing with sweat. Brix was so concern about Rondo condition. he attended him. Rondo was breathing in and out heavily.
Brix carry him as he give him a chair. “Rondo what is wrong… what happened to you?” Brix asked.
The guys inside the bar was silence waiting to listen to Rondo story but Rondo was breathing in and out heavily. he couldn’t speak, he just say.
“he’s alive,” Rondo shout as he breath heavily. “Brix, he’s alive, I saw him.”
“who?” Brix asked.
“Frank Judy,” he shout.
The bar got silence again for moment and they started to laugh.
“I couldn’t believe, he run here just to tell us that he saw another ghost,” some guy in the bar shout.
Brix stop the crowd from laughing as he lean forward. “what! I didn’t hear you come again?”
Rondo crossed his face as he look at Brix, “you don’t believe don’t you?” Rondo asked.
“no, no, no Rondo… I believe you is just I didn’t hear you very well, you said you saw who?” Brix asked.
Rondo lean forward, “Frank Judy, one of famous scientist,” he shouts.
The guys on the bar started laughing again including Brix.
“that’s impossible, that guy died 18 years ago,”
The guys in the bar continue laughing. Rondo remember Judy’s words and she walk out the bar disappointed. Rondo stop drinking and he lock himself at his home. Rondo, he never consumes alcohol for three day.
The guy with a rifle carry behind his back. He was stand on the window with the curtain close. The curtain was transparent, he was staring at Brix’s bar. The brix bar was right toward him.
“this is Client 83 over?” the phone ring.
He just pick the phone out of his pocket. “this is Ding Dong copy,” he replays.
“is the mission done yet?” he asked.
“no sir, is been three days, he never showed up?” Ding Dong replay.
“what do you mean, he never show up?” the client 83 shout as the phone screech. Ding Dong lean his head forward as he stare at the Brix’s bar. The guy wearing a black hat with a leather jacket and blue jean just entered the bar. Ding Dong just widen his eyes as he didn’t respond to the phone.
“Ding Dong over?” the client shout but Ding Dong is not replaying.
“Ding Dong are you there, copy,” the clients shout again.
Ding Dong lift his phone as he respond, “yes I’m here,”
“what is wrong?”
“Berry Thomson, he just enter at Brix’s bar,” Ding Dong respond.
“you mean the seven-rank world criminal?” client 83 asked.
“yes, but is…” Ding Dong just keep quiet as he started shaking taking step back. “no, it can’t be,”
“Ding Dong copy,” Ding Dong just started to get sweat as he sit down. “so, the rumors are true,” Ding Dong is talking alone.
“Ding Dong copy,” client 83 shout.
Ding Dong just lift his phone, “copy, The priest is back!”
“no that’s impossible, he been gone missing for 18 years,” said client 83.
“he just entered the brix bar’s, I think his after…” Bam! The sound of a pistol cry, Ding Dong stand up as he opens the curtain to check what is happening. It was quiet for while at the brix’s bar but moment later, Ding Dong saw Billy getting out of the bar holding an envelope saddling the horse and ride away.
“Ding Dong, your freaking me out, what is wrong?” client 83 shout on the phone.
“I don’t know sir, I just heard a gun shot, let me go and check I will get back to you,” said ding Dong as he drop the phone.
He get out of the room where he was hiding as he run to the bar, it was already crowded with people. Ding Dong get inside as he open his eyes wide as he pick the phone.
“Berry Thompson is dead!” Ding Dong just drop the phone, he didn’t wait for the client to respond. He walks away
Paper filled the cherry table, with a guy wearing a white suit leaning his hat forward covered his face as bite his lower lips with growl. he swivels his chair facing the wall with his hand on his chin at another head he was holding the phone.
“Damn you Billy,” he shouts clutching his fist.
“83, copy!”
“yes, this client 14083 copy,” client 83 respond.
“don’t give me that crap, is the job, I give you completed.”
Client 83 jumps as he swivels his chair and sit still, “Zero, please forgive me, I didn’t know…”
“shut up, answer my question,” Zero interrupted.
“yes, the queen is dead but the Drunker, we are still busy sir,” client 83 respond.
“if the queen is dead, how come iron shade is exporting their gold here?” Zero asked
Client 83 just to mumble, “I don’t know maybe, his husband has take over his business,”
“no, Jasper cannot do that, he hate phosphorus, that queen was a bitch, she go around sleeping with men. The worst thing I hate. She fucked by that big dog called himself Monster G,” Zero shout.
“sir, I wouldn’t worried about that, I heard the news, that the priest is back,” client 83 said.
“so?” Zero asked.
“he is the husband of Reno our plan of abducting Reno, it won’t work.”
“leaving to me, don’t send any letter to bars, do you hear me?”
“loud and clear sir,” Zero just drop the phone. Client 83 just sighs recline on his chair.
The dust cloak all the place, it was in the middle of the desert, three guys wearing white suite was walking.
“this is Zero copy,”
“Daring Day copy,” he responds.
“Daring day, stop what you doing now, I need you to go to Three Kings, when you get there call me, I will tell you what to do,”
“copy sir,” Darling day respond. Zero drop the phone. He sways his head and look at 78. “I need you to abducted that drunker Rondo,” Zero look down and he groan. “change of plans,” he said.
“my pleasure,” 78 giggle as he sinks down the ground. “I won’t take 2 hours, don’t go too far, Plymouth city is cold, I hate that city,” he said while laughing plunging inside the ground.

To be continue part five: Reborn
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