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Tom Hon Brutal insult to government

Part Two
Tom Hon Brutal insult to government

Billy pour anther beer on the glass as he drink all the bear, he open the later again and look at it as he bite his lower lip. “Zeb, is there anyone came here to collect a letter like this,” Billy asked.
Zeb nod his head, “year is Brian Russel.”
Billy, lift his glass as he drink his beer, “Brian, the seven rank slinger?” he asked.
Zeb chuckles nodding his head, “how is my sister, I heard you been got for 18 years,”
Billy swirled his glass of beer as he glance at the beer, “I can bring myself to her, not what I did to her.”
Zeb chuckles as he sway his head glance at Billy, “but she’s your wife, you have the courage to stand before her and tell her how sorry you are and why you gone away for so long,” said Zeb
Billy giggle as he drink all his beer on the glass. “do you think, she can forgive me?”
Zeb chuckles nodding his head. Billy flick a smile nodding his head. “I wonder.” He pours another beer on the glass.
1911 the same day It is windy at the desert, with the dust cover all the place.
There is an old building, it seems like is an ancient city. There are two guys, one of them is wearing a black Hat with his white hair spiking out from his back of his hat and white long coat and another guys is wearing a formal cloth almost like uniform a white shirt with normal black trouser. They are lingering around the temple, there are thousands of statues in the temple craft by the sand. on the walls, there is some old ancient writing.
The guy wearing black hat with a white long coat was standing gazing at the old ancient writing trailing his finger on the wall.
“Did you find something Jack?” the white coat guy asked. He Trailing his fingers down, reading the old ancient writing, Jack come running to the whit long coat guy. He as a short black hair with a beard around his chin well shaved. The white long coat guy sway his head and squint at Jack. he was wearing a reading glass as he slid it down peer through Jack.
“Yes sir, I find one,” said Jack.
Jack come with a treasure shape in different curves is some sort of a parcel, is a poor gold. He gives to the white long coat guy the treasure. The white coat guy flick a smile taking the treasure as he adjusts his reading glass with her index finger looking at the treasure.
This treasure has a symbol of Sagittarius (from a 12 signs of zodiac) on the top.
The white coat guy wipe the dust with his white coat and the treasure shine with gold spark.
“Wow, beautiful, one down eleven to go. Just be patience my princesses,” the White coat guy glance at Jack with smirk while polish the treasure.
Jack sway his head as he look at the writing. “sir, what is this,” jack point at the ancient writing. Tom Hon sway his head as he too glance at the ancient writing,
“Jack, this is a writing of a Mighty who descended here thousands of years ago,” said the whit long coat guy.
“Mighty?” seems to be a shock on Jack, the white long coat guy nod his head. “she’s a god? Jack asked.
The white long coat guy shook his head. “No, is not a God, she’s a living energy,” said the white coat guy.
“living energy, what is that Tom Hon?” jack asked as he gasp, “sorry for disrespecting you sir,” he said.
Tom Hon giggle nodding his head, “Jack, there are two type of living things in these universe,” Tom Hon said as he glance at the ancient writing. “a living being and living energy,” he said. Jack widen his eyes. Tom hon chuckles, “humans, animals and Gods are part of living beings and Mighty are living energy,” said Tom Hon.
Jack shook his head, “sir, I don’t really get you, is this living energy alive?” jack asked.
Tom Hon nod his head, “jack don’t be confuse by the word energy,” he began. “at school they taught you that energy is the ability to do work but that description is misleading because energy is not necessary available to do work, energy can also give birth to things like radiant energy, chemical energy and many more we called those nonliving energy but living energy give birth to living things like gods, angels, planet are born from living energy. This living energy race we called them Mighty in our world.”
“So that mean humans and animals got life from Mighty?” jack asked.
Tom Hon sways his head flick a smile, “I have no clue about that but don’t worry once Gerudo is revived you can asked all question you want to know about humans and animals,”
“not so fast Tom Hon, I heard everything, I won’t allow you to do that” jack and Tom Hon they both looking around trying to see where the voice come from. They wake their head glance at the entrance a guy appears from the entrance of the temple. Wearing a grey trouser and a grey Jacket, on his left shoulder of a Jacket there is an emblem shape of a star
 “Hold it right there Tom Hon; you’re coming with me right now,” the grey trouser guy shout as he draws one of his gun and point at Tom Hon. slowly approaching Tom Hon. Jack just disappear as he quickly appear behind Bryan. jack try to knock Bryan with gun but Bryan quickly saw it coming, He dodges it and knocks Jack with a Punch.
“You bastard, you think you can win by attacking me with that poor reflex,” Bryan yell at Jack. Bryan kick Jack on a stomach while Jack trying to stand crawling and blood ooze from his mouth. Tom Hon is busy staring the wall. Tom Hon he is not interfering the fight between Jack and Bryan, he continues doing what he is doing.
“What are you planning this time? … and why do you want with this living energy your trying to revive?” Bryan asked.
Tom Hon he smile and he sway his eyes to squint at Bryan. “Do you see me planning here? However, if I’m planning anything it will be our best of interest and if I want anything it will be my interest… Tom Hon he takes off his white coat and wraps the nuggets with it as he adjust his glasses again. “Would you agree?” he asked.
Bryan flick widen his eyes. “What do you mean?... get to the point” he asked
“I mean that special technic of yours, you defeat Jack with, I’m the one who discover it. Also It surprises me to see a lower class of law men able to use reflex perfectly and…Tom Hon point Bryan’s gun by his right finger while a left hand holds the gun on his waist. “Guns are not for threats are for action, well since you knock my partner down, I will take it as a first impression,” Tom Hon quickly draw the gun and he shoot at Bryan. However, Bryan quick jump and take cover with a one of statue.
“Tom hon, you didn’t answer me, what is this living energy and why you want to revive it?” Bryan asked.
Tom hon shoot three time were Bryan is hiding, “to gain more knowledge and give life to new a perfect being with more intelligent than a human,”
“what would you gain from it, don’t you think that it will cause calamity and war being that being and human,”
Tom Hon shook his head, “No, the one who cause calamity in these world is your government, killing innocent, corrupt, destroying this earth,” he said.
“government is corrupt because of you scientist don’t you think Tom Hon?” Bryan asked.
“mean?” Tom Hon asked.
“you’re the brain of this world, you scientist created weapons, tell the government about minerals just like now, you discovered reflex, people are using this power to kill each other,”
“so tell me Terry Wilson, who fault is that?”
Tom hon sighs out loud, “your right Bryan, is all our fault, you give me another vision and goal for this project. I want to fix all the mistake god has created,”
“what is that?” Bryan asked.
“god give us an knowledge to build something but instead of sharing it with love, we kill each other for it, that’s the mistake made by god…” he said as he take two step forward, “giving a knowledge to human forgetting to give them love,” tom hon start shooting but Bryan was still hiding behind the statue.
“you can’t defeat me with that, you know it right?” Bryan asked.
Tom Hon adjust his glasses again with giggle, he slowly approaching the statue where Bryan is hiding. Bryan is snorting, Tom Hon only hear the sound of breathing and Bryan hears the clinking of the footstep of Ton Hon approaching him as he felt his heart pounding so fast and the sweat breed on his forehead.
He wipe the sweat, puff air out of his mouth while breathing in and out faster. Bryan he stares at Tom Ton and he see Tom Hon sneaking toward the statue where he is hiding. Bryan tries to stare again, Tom Hon quickly shot at Bryan but he missed the bullet hit the statue as Bryan quickly takes cover while holding his gun facing it upward.
Bryan shoots three times without looking after he tries to look and there was no one.
“Where did he go to?” Bryan asked. Bryan is searching for Tom Hon, he look around with a single eye while taking a cover on the statue.
“Looking for me?” Tom Hon asked. Bryan turn his head slowly, he found that Tom Hon is behind him pointing a gun on his head, Tom Hon shoot but Bryan kick Tom Hon’s hand that hold a gun and deflect the gun before Tom Hon can shoot and the bullet hit the statue.
“Oh shit!” Bryan shout
Tom Hon kick Bryan and Bryan get down quickly to dodge the kick. Tom Hon’s kick missed he kick the statue and cracks appear on in. crumbles fall down the ground. Tom Hon quickly point the gun at Bryan and he shoots while Bryan is laying down the ground. Bryan quickly dodge it by rolling. Bryan quickly rolls on the ground. Bryan stand up with kick up in front of Ton Hon face.
Tom Hon point at Bryan’s Forehead and Bryan pointed at Tom Hon’s heart. the face of Tom Hon was calm and Bryan face was shining with sweat. However, Tom Hon’s eyes were red with the little vein surrounded his tense iris and his iris we not shaking. Bryan his eyes were tense but his iris were moving left and right shaking with fear. “You’re already dead,” Tom Hon and Bryan pull the trigger same Time. There is no bullet on their guns. Only the sound of empty gun, Bryan blink same time with the sound and Tom Ton eyes were still intense and bold and a sound of breathing out and in from Bryan, somewhere inside he is relieve. As for Tom Hon eyes it shows confidence and no fear.
Tom Hon and Bryan stare each other eyes; while two of them they slowly move they’re right hand to pick another gun on their right waist. The sand swirled on the ground blow by a wind and the sand move away in form of a gust. The only one who will win is the one who will quickly draw his guns; Bryan knew that on dual he wouldn’t win. Bryan he quickly punch Tom Hon before they draw guns and Tom Hon hit the statue. The statue crack continues cracking, Jack tries to intervene but Tom Hon stops him.
“You’re strong but I stare fear on your eyes burning on your iris,” said Tom Hon. Bryan started to run fast towards Tom Hon and punch him on his face, Tom Hon break through the statue and hit the wall. The temple vibrates; the sound of sand falling down clocking the dust on the temple. Jack tries to interfere again but his boss (Tom Hon) keeps stopping him. “Jack I said, don’t interfere, ” Tom Hon shout. Tom Hon he squeeze his left hand to form a fist and screeching of his bones as if his bones his breaking.
“I see, you’re very good at using your reflex, thanks to me and my fellow colleague,” Tom Hon stand up and point his hat on Bryan leg. Bryan saw it and he picks it up and throw Tom Hon. The hat it fall in front of Tom Hon legs and Tom Hon slowly go down to pick his hat while staring at Bryan. Tom Hon manages to pick the Hat and he cleans the dust, slow wear the hat.
“Bryan I respect your strength and I’m prepare to honor it with death. After all death, is not time, is destiny that you cannot choose,” Ton Hon flicker a smile and a white spark, shining on his teeth, it disturb the Bryan concentration and Bryan just flickered his head. Tom Hon quickly moves fast toward Bryan and Tom Hon punch Bryan. Bryan block the first punch but his block is absurd, Tom Hon punch were very effective, Bryan could not keep up with Tom Hon, Bryan draws his gun he shoots three times at Tom Hon but Tom Hon deflect Bryan target by blocking his hands. Tom Hon he Punch Bryan on the stomach and he cough out blood from his mouth.
Inside of Bryan spinal cord, we go deeper and the channel of nerve system inside it, a little tiny round like with electrical change was in motion. Instantly it stops moving, the gun Bryan is holding and it drop to the ground, his hands and leg stop functioning.
“What is that power?” Bryan asked. Tom Hon veins were popping out go deeper to his veins, the blood flowing fast, and change to gold color shining, inside Tom Hon nerve system, the neutrons moving fast to his brain sending information quickly. Bryan coughs a blood from his mouth. Tom Hon he smirk while closing his eyes for moment.
“I will be the one who will fix the mistake that your creature made and I will…Tom Hon quick open his eyes with tense eyes like a monster and his iris is surrounded by red channels of veins. “Teach the knowledge of love and sharing. Also, I will be a god who will rule this place,” Tom Hon stare at Bryan and Bryan is paralyze he’s unable to move.
“What wrong with my body, I can’t feel my legs; I can’t even move my hands,” Bryan shout
“Since you’re at the verge of death, I think I owe you that explanation, reflex it depend on neutrons that concentrated on the nervous system inside spinal cord, it send information to the brain and the brain respond back for the certain action to occur. Well without that process your body is a useless. A normal speed of human neutrons is 275 miles per hour. When an individual manage to increase that speed he can able to do something it never seen before, that’s same principle that applies on Reflex… Tom Hon removes his hand on Bryan stomach slowly. Bryan falls down to the ground. “When some individual neutrons speed up at 1000 miles per hour, meaning that an individual can run with a speed of 160 mile per hour. He can also do many things beyond human limitation like sight, smell, react, listening. So try to imagine when an human manage to increase it at the speed of light, he will be a God,” Bryan intervene Tom Hon
“That’s a gold reflex, so you too have it like Zeb, who are you people, what your mission to this world?” Bryan asked. Tom Hon draw his draw his pistol and point at Bryan fore head. “No, this is not gold reflex; this is more advance than that gold reflex of yours and I’m somewhere between, a bond that hold bad and good. I will became a God,” Tom Hon pull trigger and he shoot Bryan at his forehead. “Jack takes this body and dump him outside, this is a temple of princesses and it should be treated with respect,” Tom Hon shouts.
Tom Hon and Jack carry the copse of Bryan and dump it outside far from the temple of Gerudo.
“sir, what should we do now,” jack asked.
Tom Hon says his head as he looked at jack, “we heading to the grave yard to collect the second nuggets”

To be continue

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