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Part six
Billy memories

18 years earlier
“Hey kid” he taps Billy on his shoulder, Billy just squint at him. “What do you want for a drink?“ he asked with a smirk on his face.
Billy lean his hands on the counter as he huff. “I would like lemon juice,” he takes out a purse out of his pocket. Wright Buddy forge his lips with a smile as he grabs Billy from taking out a money from his pocket. “No, my friends today the round is mine,” he said as the barmen is in front of them.
The bar was quiet; there is no one at the bar. Billy and Wright Buddy they finish graduating from high school so they decided to celebrate at the Stone Bite bar. In fact they like to relax at the stone bite when they bored.
“Give me one bottle of beer and a glass of lemon juice,” he said while giving the bar men the money as the bar men heading to the cabinet.
Wright Buddy sways his head squinting at Billy with smirk on his face. “now that we graduated what your planned or are you planning to continue to preach?’ Wright Buddy asked as the bar men giving him the bottle of beer.
Billy looked down think about it as he held his necklace on his chest. “I don’t know what the…” squeaking sound of a door open they both sway their head looking at the door. They stunned at the door, Billy never finishes his statement, he was stunned by the girl entered in the bar. She pause at the door as she gaze around the bar, her long hair cover her right part of her face. She flipped them on her back as she walk toward the bar. Billy gaze at her from bottom to head.
She was wearing heels and asymmetric draped hem high low dress with her breast pushing it tight. Billy gaze her even when she pick the chair and sit down.
“Lemon juice please,” she said while fix her dress Billy still staring her with a smirk on his face.
“Hey kid,” Wright Buddy calls. He nudged Billy on his right shoulder.
“Wright, I think now I have a plan for future,” Billy did not even looking at Wright Buddy. He stands up on his chair and the bar men give him the juice he order but he just squint at the bar with a smile taking it slowly while heading to the girl. Wright Buddy chuckle as he pours a beer on the glass, he gazes Billy heading to the girl.
The girl squints at Billy as he approaches him. “Hey what a beautiful girl like you, doing here,” Billy calls the girl look at Billy with a smile and Billy lift his glass of juice he holding approaching her.
 The girl respond back at Billy with a chuckles her cheek stretch as she look down nervously. Billy take a slip, he was nervously he do not know what to say because is her classmate.
She chuckles again squinting at Billy “Do I know you? … Have we met before,” she asked as the bar men give her the lemon juice. Billy didn’t sit-down she stand beside her as he look at the bar laying his hand on the counter while grasping his glass of juice.
He squints at the girl with a smirk on his face nodding his head. “Yes we have met before at school…” the girl pick her glass of juice as she lift it to her lips she squint at Billy as she take a slip. Billy turns and looked at her as she pause the glass of juice on her lips and her cheek heated. Billy flicked a smile give him a hand to shake. “I’m Billy Wedel,” he said with smile.
The girl chuckles slowly put her glass on the counter table. “I’m Reno Momoshi…” she shake his hands with her cheek heated.  Billy shrugged with grinned, slouching on the counter covers his glass of juice with both hands, looking away from the girl. “So what does a beautiful girl like you doing here alone?” he asked. He stares down at his glass of juice. He lift the glass to his lips taking a sip. Reno she too slouches on the counter table grasping her glass with her right hand squinting at Billy. “I just graduated from school… so I thought spin around quench my throat just like you guys,” she said taking a sip on her glass of juice. Billy sway his head as he look at her and her cheek stretch with a smile.
“There is always a water beside you said like us… how do you know I relax her every day? He asked with a smile on her face. Reno look down while chuckle. “Isn’t obvious,” she blurted with chuckle while drinking his juice squinting at the glass that Billy is drinking.
She pause her glass on her lips. “don’t tell me you drink a juice?” she asked.
Billy sways his head looking at her and he shrugged his shoulder. “Isn’t obvious?” Billy giggle looking at her as he saw her cheek gone cold. “Kidding, I like kidding does why they name me Kid,”  he smile and she smile back at him as he nod his head. She look away at Billy as she begin to laugh alone. “Are you drinking that because you want to impress me?” she asked.
Billy turn looking at her eyes, as she felt attracted to Billy. “Are you? … but I’m certainly sure you are because your cheeks speak itself,” Billy said as he take a sip on his glass looking her cheek as it continue to stretch.
She shrugged as she blurted nodding her head while taking a sip on her glass too. “Not quite…,” she chuckles as she put the glass on the counter table. Billy drink all his juice on the glass as he chuckle back at Reno.
“How about us having a dinner tomorrow so I would impress you more,” he said while giving the bar men the glass. Reno chuckles, she wanted to play hard but she could not resist. This is her opportunity. No man has ever asked her to a date because of her brother called Zeb. He is the higher rank lawman. Reno since from the school she have only few friend and on that few friends only girls, most of the boys they are afraid of her because her brother. She picks as glass and drink all the juice on her glass too. “Are you proposing a date?” she asked with a grinned on her face.
Billy looked at her with a smirk on her face and he shrugged. “You can call it date if you want,” he said.
“2 dollars for the glass please,” said the barmen collecting a money from Reno. Reno pick her little bag open it but Billy held her hand and she felt her big hand grabbing her arm, it was cold as she flinch in shock and some strange sensation just tickle running through her veins.
“I will pay for it,” he said. She saw his lips curve with smile with a rounded handsome face as she gasps craving to dig her lips on Billy’s lips. Billy picks a purse out of his pocket taking ten dollars and gives it to bar men. She was stunned as her cheek stretch with smile.
“Thank you,” she slurred as she stands up on the chair. “I think I would leave now,” she said with low sweet voice.
Billy sways his head looking at her and he wafted up the vanilla scent as her dress rustle on his face when she stand. “Don’t you want another Drink?” he asked.
Reno she looked at Billy and her cheeks heated again, she forge her lips with smile. She would love to have another drink with Billy but the time for her is running, she was worried that her mother might look for her.
She looking at Billy with her cheek heated as she chuckles. “I would like to but my mother should be looking for me now…” Billy saw her lips stretch and he too wanted to dig his lips on her, “see you tomorrow,” she said.
She lean her head kissing Billy on the cheek as she inhale his scent making her melt wanting him to turn so she could kiss his lips.
Billy grinned as he felt her lips touching her cheek. He sway his head and a glimpse of his lips touch Reno’s lips. They both pause in stunned facing each other as if they both take over by their pleasure. They eyes were gazing each other breathing each other breath. They both cough saying sorry at the same time.
“I think I should go,” she said nervously walking away from Billy as Billy gaze at her. “Shall I walk you home then?” he asked.
Reno pauses as she turn around looking at Billy sway her head to looked at Wright Buddy. “are you sure I’m not interfering your business with your friend,” she asked.
Billy smile shrugging his shoulder looking at Wright and he just wink at him and he slowly looked Reno with a smile. “Easier and seven done,” he said. Reno chuckle as she walks toward the door and Billy follows her.
“So can you tell me little about yourself… I would like to know you more,” Billy was walking beside her, as they walk slowly on the street. Billy cradled his hands behind his head as he grinned. “don’t you think that would ruin our date?’ he asked. Reno squint at Billy beside her and she chuckles. “How would it ruin our date?” she asked as she walks slowly her cheek heated again.
Billy look down put his hands inside his pocket as he huff staring on the way. “Ok you got me… I don’t like giving reason,” he said they both laugh squinting at each other as Reno staged closed to Billy as they walking.
Reno she fold her arm around Billy’s arm as she squint at him. “But you did tell me a little bit about you,” Billy eyes widen look at Reno as they pause in the middle of the road. “I did… what you mean?” he asked.
Reno chuckles as they gaze each other with Reno smile. “You don’t like giving reason,” she said as they both laugh but Billy just laugh for moment as he look at Reno laughing alone, Reno too just look at Billy’s strange looked.
“What’s wrong… why that strange looked,” she asked. Billy didn’t say anything but held Reno both hands as he lean his head toward Reno and dig his lips in her lips. Reno she was shock but also enjoying it. She felt his lip gridding between her lips. She wanted him to kiss her but nervously she blurted leaning back her head as she feel her lips departing from Billy’s lips, breathing in and out heavily. She lean her forehead against Billy’s forehead, she look down nervous. “Billy, what are you doing?” she asked with a soft voice waking her head staring at Billy’s eyes as she too lean close to Billy’s lips as she inhale his breath.
She felt Billy’s hands squeezing her hands. “Reno you’re beautiful,” he commented as he dig his lips on her lips and Reno felt Billy’s lips tug in her lips, she want to stop it but she was enjoying as her nipples begin to tickle as they both inhale each other breath. They both depart, as they look each other closely.
“Do you mean what you said,” she asked with a low voice. Billy just touch her lips with his lips as they both breath heavily in the middle of the street. Billy nodded his head and held Reno by waist as she too find herself wrapping her hands around Billy’s neck.
“We are in the middle of the road… we should stop this,” he said as they both get nervous and she felt Billy’s harden on his trouser press against her. As she bend her head down to look at it and his harden pressing against her trouser. Reno saw that as she drenched her pantie between her legs. She bites her lower lip as she saw Billy’s harden pressing against his trouser. She wanted to rub it by her hands and licking it with her mouth as she want to ride it so badly but she can’t do that in the middle of the road also she not some cheap girl who sleep around with guys with the first met. Billy put his hand inside his pocket as he try to cover his harden that pressing against his trouser. As they reach Reno home. They waited 50 meters away from Reno’s home. They both look at each as they both smile giving each other one kiss walking in different direction as Billy pause looking down.
Billy chuckle forging his lips with a smile, “at what time should I pick you at your home,” he asked. Reno she turn as she only saw Billy’s back and his long brown hair but Billy didn’t even bother to turn and looked at Reno. She blush felt a sweat breeding out from her face as she stops breathing for moment. She felt as if someone struggle her neck she was choking. She was surprise at Billy that he is not afraid of his brother.
“You mean you want to pick me at my home?” she asked. Billy swayed his head and squints at Reno and nodded his head. “yes or do you have any suggestion?” he asked.
she chuckle shaking her head as she felt more attracted to him, she bite her lower lips and her cheek heated again. “Four clock,” she said.
Billy shows her a thump up as he forge his lips with a grinned on his face. She turn away from Billy as she wanted more but she could not with her pantie wet between her legs. She quickly run to her home as she lumber inside heading straight to her room closing the door behind her as she lean on the door with sigh. She slid to the side leaning her against the wall as she smile slid her hand between her legs as she planked the pants with her finger. “What was I thinking…  four o’clock…” she removes her hand and her finger was wet with her juicy that come from her pussy.
“It felt like two years,” she cleaning her finger by licking her finger. she slid her both hand as she pull down her pantie as she head to the closet opening the closet throwing her drench pantie as she open the draw picking another pantie.
King Fisher giggle while pouring a beer in to the glass as he saw Billy lumbers inside the bar, putting his hands inside the pocket. Billy approach Wright Buddy as he sit beside him with a smirk on his face as he order another glass of juice. Wright Buddy pick his glass and lift it to his mouth to take a sip as he pause it on his lips, he chuckle looking down on his beer. “Kid is that the plan you’re talking about?” he asked as he takes a sip from his beer. The bar men gives Billy the glass of juice he ordered, Billy take the glass of juice as he grinned squinting at Wright Buddy, he didn’t say anything he nodded his head instead as he lift his glass of juice taking a sip from it.
Wright Buddy put the glass of beer down to the table counter leaning his head on the table looking down. “The girl looks familiar, I saw her somewhere…” he said. He was waiting for Billy to finish his statement if his is correct but Billy nodded his head as he drinks his juice. “You’re right… she was our class mate…”
“Classmate?…” Wright Buddy asked. His eyes widen in shock but he still don’t understand because he never saw that kind of girl in the class. “No way… that girl is beautiful… I never saw her in my class,” he said.
Billy giggles as he sways his head and look at Wright Buddy with a smirk on his face. “she is beautiful isn’t it?” this question make Wright Buddy flinch but Billy chuckles as he take a sip on his glass of juice. “Wright you never compliment on a girl before but…” Billy looked on his glass of juice and there is little juice on the glass. “… today you did it… seems I make a good choice,” he said
“Who is she?” Wright Buddy asked while picking his glass of beer as he drinking all the beer on his glass. Billy look at Wright Buddy and his eyes were shutting down as he is forcing them to open, Wright Buddy started to feel drowsy as he drink too much beer. Billy saw that as he swirl the little juice remaining on his glass and drink it all.
He put the glass down and he squint at Wright Buddy. “You had it wright, telling you her name it won’t be much of a shock to you since…” he glide the glass forward toward the barmen as he give him the glass. “You had enough alcohol… I think we should stop this conversation and let me carry you and walk you home,” he said while taking a purse out of his pocket giving the barmen the money for the glass of juice.  He stands up heading to Wright Buddy as he helps him stand up but Wright Buddy was staging out of balance as he place his arm across Billy shoulders to support himself. They both they start hobble but the barmen stop them and demanded the money for Wright Buddy bottles of beers he use but Billy couldn’t take his purse on his pocket because he was holding Wright Buddy. He swayed his head and squint at the barmen.
“Oh, sorry about that but my hands were full, could you help me picking the purse on my pocket?” he asked with a smile in his face. The barmen fold his arms across his chess looking down as he sighs. “It fine, you guys drink here every day… you’ll pay for it tomorrow just take that guy home he had enough,” he said while picking the bottles of beer Wright Buddy drink.
Billy chuckles. “Yah I never saw him drunk this way,” Billy comment while looking at Wright Buddy he was sleeping on Billy shoulder, Billy shake him to wake up.
“Hey Buddy wake up” he calls Wright Buddy just open his eyes slowly but his eyes keep shutting down.
Billy chuckles. “How many bottles of beers you had,” Billy asked. Wright Buddy just sighs shutting his eyes but Billy did not mind he just giggle carry him behind his back as they walk out of the bar.
Billy finish his glass of beer as he keep staring the chair, Stone bite pour another beer, “let’s go one more round,” he said Billy pick a glass as he raise the glass up, “Long time no see,” they collide they glass of beer as they drink all the beer.
“hey kid!” Billy heard the voice from outside, he put the glass of beer, he didn’t bother to look. Stone Bite just look at the door, the guy wearing a hat with a Mexicans shoes was standing on the pouch of the bar. “old men pour me another beer,” said Billy. The guy enters inside, “well, well, well, I find you, prepare to died,” the strange guy, Billy wakes his head as he looks at stone bite with a smirk talking to him with his iris, Stone Bite quickly get down as he take the cover and the strange guy draw his two pistol and start shooting.

To be continue on part seven: “Dark side of Billy,”

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