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will Kratos get his chain blade back?

we know the coming god of war as we saw the trailer, we saw Kratos using axe instead of his chain Blade.
i once asked my brother that, will Kratos get his chain blade back? and he replayed yes. and i needed to find a reason why. he told me that is the chain blade that make god of war so exciting, i believe him and it will be a stupid if the creator of God of war to remove Kratos chain Blade. i know that Kratos lost his blade on God of war three but just remember, Spirit of Athena still lives on and i think, it will be Athena, who will give Kratos back. i don't know but i'm certainly sure that Kratos will get his chain blade back. I'm excited to know that God of war is coming out but still, i think my brother is right without those chain blade it won't be so exiting as the previous one. i don't know but  you leave your opinion by commenting.

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