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No universe is going to destroy on Dragon Ball Super "Universal Survival Arc" here are the clues!

Dragon ball super the upcoming arc of  "Universal Survival Arc" as we know that the universe that looses it will get erase. yes at first i think so too and here are the clues i find.

1. Don't you think all of this is just a set up made by Goku?

we all know that Goku want to fight a stronger opponent and to find that stronger opponent, to archive that how will he do. I see no different from the arc of hit. Goku hired hit so he can fight at his full power, so what do you makes you think is not doing the same?

2. Killing is not allowed

when you watch episode 81, Grand Priest stated that Killing is not allowed. why killing is not allowed when the universe is going to be destroy.

3. The potential of god of destruction

if the universe that lost get erase, we will left with question. the dragon ball super they never detailed the full strength of God of destruction. when you Remmeber at the previous episode, Whis stated that the gods of destruction of another universe are more ruthless than Beerus and Chappa. if they get erase, i think it will left fans with some answered question.

Thank you that the clues i have found from now and if i find another one i will tip you guys. you can stated your opinion by commenting

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