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Category that will put you on the spot line for many readers.

Category that will put you on the spot line for many readers.

Have you realized that your book genre play a major role on your sale, some genre is difficult when comes to writing. It need lot of research and work like writing a thriller book. I won’t lie to you writing a thriller book it need lot of planning and creativity. If just want to write a book, I suggest to pick your genre very well. However, it won’t be a problem because on this blog. I will tell you the right and easy genre you should start with if you want to be on spot line like other readers.

 Most of authors haven’t realized but those who did, they making sales with their books. This because of their genre and if you too want to be on that spot line.

 You should start by writing erotic books. Erotic genre is the easiest that will put you on the spot for many readers. I had lot of authors saying erotic is default when it comes to sex scene but for me I don’t see anything wrong with sex scene. If you’re writing an erotic book and you don’t get turn on during sex scene. It shows you something wrong with your story. The reason I tell you this is because erotic book you don’t need creativity or planning. All you do is to make your character inter mate. The sex scene might be difficult when it comes to writing but that is not a problem. Your erotic story it need to turn you on, if it doesn’t then don’t expect sales because it won’t turn on the reader.

NB: apology for vulgar words or any disturbing graphic.

One of the major reason, I will recommend you erotic. The words count doesn’t matter with 700 words in your shot stories is OK and No reader will ask you a question about your protagonist like what is the protagonist’s goal? what is he/she hoping the archive? What is the main story line?

The answer is easy, he/she was just horny. It doesn’t matter where you begin or end in your story as long the protagonist inter mate.

 I read lot of erotic stories and lot of them have no story engine. Is just a protagonist see another person and get horn and the author will find a way for the protagonist to fuck that person.

I read one of the short story on the Smashwords. The protagonist just saw his aunt coming with groceries and suddenly he got horny and start fucking his aunt and I was like what the fuck? I go to the author’s profile and I was shock to see his profile with 100 followers in Smashwords. I read his stories and all of them is a protagonist seeing his aunt or sister and get horny and start fucking. If is a series relating to taboo. The protagonist will fuck the whole family the same way. Seeing, get horny and fuck. The story end. Readers love it and It was boring with the first book but I end up finding myself buying all his short stories. The reader won’t mind as long your sex scene is written well.

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