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Divert Readers into sales

Divert Readers into sales

You’ve achieve the goal of making people read your work, now is time to divert them into sales.  This is the funniest and exciting part. you’ll learn that humans being are no different than cage birds, you can manipulate them to buy your books and make lot of sale. You just need the right way to do it. I’ll show you how?”

you Novel is completed and you need to publish it. If you remember the last blog, I write. I told you to divide it into short stories. Now the trick here is to divert Readers to your short story. Let’s say you make Ten short stories out of your Novel. publish three of your short stories on amazon KDP select as a series book and price each one of them $0.99. After all is one book just divided into ten short stories.

Is your first-time publishing, now you want readers to find your books, the key to that is kindle unlimited and keywords?

Amazon, help you with keywords learn here

How to find popular key words with a help of Amazon.

Don’t rush things by publishing your books to another platform. Enroll your first book to KDP select then contact amazon and request for series bundle page.

Lean here: how to request a series Bundle page

It will take few days for Amazon to create your series bundle page after that.

use the first book you enroll in KDP select as a bet and set it free for 2 days.

NB: you should wait until the series bundle page is created before setting your book free

If your book is in a series bundle page. when the reader finish reading your first book. Amazon itself alert the reader about the second book. Remember to shorten your book so the reader will able to reader book. Your short stories should be between 3000 and 5000 thousand. You will increase the length with more coming books.

KDP select offered you only five days, I suggest, you save the remaining days for upcoming short book.

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