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The main Point here, make the readers heard your voice.

The main Point here, make the readers heard your voice.

Is pointless to get 100 downloads on your book, if only one or two out of hundred read your book. don’t rush to a Novel. use short stories as a bet to attract readers. Make reader heard your voice. someone once said to me.

“You must catch the attention of the reader within 700 to 1000 words in your Novel,”

 is not easy to make the reader keep turning the page in your novel. The reason is because we author and publishers we don’t know what the reader wants. What we know is that the reader want something unique in your story. That’s what publisher told you when they reject your book.

 Most of the authors they are still trying to find the solution this problem. How to find that unique spot the reader wants.

I once asked my sister in law, she love reading Harry Potter and I asked her. what it is so unique about Harry Book. She replied that she cannot explain in details but is just unique.

Me too I love it. I preferred reading the book than the movie and I cannot explain what it is so unique about Harry Potter, once you start reading, you just keep turning the page.

How do you find that unique spot to caught attention of the reader with 700 words in the Novel? It will take lot of hard work and planning to do that but don’t worry there is a way by writing a short sweet story. I will show you how to do it.

First thing try to write a short and sweet story series with a maximum of 700 words. Publish it and make it free on smashwords.

The reason I chose smashwords is because it shows you the views and downloads. Wait for two days before you can publish another.

check the downloads, if your first short story got 100 downloads in a day. one of the reader will mark you as favorites. This shows that your short story is good then publish the second book and keep doing these up to three stories. By doing this, it will give you followers on your smashwords. page.

The forth short stories. Set your price $0.99 and see the result. If it made any sales keep publishing more short stories. The more stories you publish the more buyers.

I made $30 monthly on smashwordswith the short stories series called Cheating house wife. Now it decreased to 5 dollars because I ended the story but still I got the trump card that I use it on Amazon once by bundle all my short stories in to one and sell it for $3.99 in amazon.

I made another $30 in a monthly even now I still making sales but decrease to 5 dollars monthly because I stop writing when I got sick but I’m recovered now and I’m working on another short story series.

Go and try it and you’ll thank me later. Write 700 to 1000 words short stories and publish it on smashwords. Publish many as you can, before rushing to a Novel.

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