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What’s the point of writing a Novel if they aren’t going to read it?

What’s the point of writing a Novel if they aren’t going to read it?

Before you start writing your book. you should ask yourself one question. Would someone able to read my book?”
Is import as an author to consider this kind of question because what the use to write if someone would not read your book. There is a way to make people read your book. Is a simple method, most of the author haven’t thought about it?
Is simple. Make your book short and straight forward. Don’t rush in to a Novel. This is the mistake most Author make by the first book.
If you’re not known and you haven’t built platform and you want people to read your work. Why don’t you take slow?

Start by writing amazing short story.
This way anyone can read it even the laziest one. I know it. the place I’m staying, they don’t like reading even my friends. only few like reading.

When I wrote my first novel. It was difficult to get help from them because I will tell them about my book and they will just save it on his phone without reading It. I didn’t bother to expecting sales on Amazon. If your friends and family didn’t read your book, why would you expect a stranger to read it. I knock my head over and over trying to find a solution to the problem.
I thought my story isn’t catching maybe this writing thing is not mine then I take a break.
I started to read another author’s book as I realized when I was busy reading. Most of the time when I buy a book or download.

I download the one that are short and straight forward. I ask myself if I like reading short book what make me think people would like my long book. I rush back to my computer and begin to divide my novel into ten short story book and guess what.
All my family and friend read all of them.

The sales of your book sometimes it depends on how long your book will be?
If your book is too long, is easy for the reader to put your book aside and skip to another. You might set it free on amazon but if you’re just a starter don’t rush in by writing a novel. No one will read it. The reason is this. Most reader tend to read long book from well-known authors. If you’re a starter and you written a novel don’t publish it at once divide in to multiple books and you’ll see your sale improving.

Is useless to write a long book if no one is not going to read it then why don’t you make them read it by divide it into Novella or short stories but I recommend a short story if is your first-time publishing. Is better to take it slow building trust to readers before thinking of publishing a Novel.

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