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How to find popular keywords with a help of Amazon and make sales

How to find popular keywords with a help of Amazon and make sales

Amazon Keywords play the important part in your books. Amazon is a search engine, finding a popular can keyword. It will help your book being recognize by readers. Don’t ignore it and is important to find the popular keywords but don’t worry. Amazon, help you with some that are popular. you can pick one or two of them there also use them as your reference. To understand how keywords works. Play around with it. take it as a proving an identity in Trigonometry. In my school, we use Proving identity as a game. Everyone solve the equation with a different method to get the same answer. If you confuse play around with synonym. The Two different word meaning same thing.

E.g If a reader want to buy a Thriller book, let say action Books. On your search engine, the word the reader type is word that combine thriller and action. Let say you manage to find a synonym to that word. Your book will be the first to appear.

I will show you how to access popular keywords on Amazon.

First step 

Log in in to your KDP account above you from KDP account click “Help” bottom.

Second step

At the side corner go and click Enter E-book details and scroll down to selecting browse categories.

Step three

On the main page scroll down and search for Categories with keyword requirements and click on it. you’ll given a amazon platform, (.com) and (co.uk) chose one where it will show you categories. Select category on which your book belongs to. You’ll be taken to the popular keywords.

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