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Make it sample and comprehensive for reader to understand

Make it sample and comprehensive for reader to understand

I don’t know about you guys if you have thought of the access of your art. when i said access to your book. I’m referring to the style of communication. If you like going to the shopping maybe you can understand What I’m talking about.

the style of communication, it can annoy the reader to skip your book to another. I always ask my self when I’m done writing a blog or books, Is my art accessible and will the reader able to understand what i wrote?  before thinking about other things is important to have such question. people like easy things and they tends to go where their is an easy things, e.g like politician. you should listen to them when they speak or recruiting people, they style of communication is simple for anyone to understand even in shops this style of communication is applied.

and I think if you just want to write something for people to read, you should applied this style of communication, is a sample thing. Plain English!

Plain English is the key to attract attention, this is not only use by shoppers and politician even in schools this is also applied.  e.g Physical science in fact lets say science. all text books of science is plain English.

This is because they want every leaner to comprehend the information. Just think of it when you read something and all you counter with is rare and deep English words. yes you’ll read but you’ll not be hearing anything.

 It same applies on the blog or your writing a books, you should try to make your English easy and comprehensive. English is not my mother’s tongue but even if you write in my mother’s tongue and put rare words in it, I will just skip to the next book. Remember the main goal here is to make the reader read your blog or book even if the reader brought your book, is absurd if at the end your book is not read. what happen to the word of mouth. let people talk about your art just like shopping and those politician. they are not fools when they use plain English. who will listen to a president who is speaking a deep English that you barely need a dictionary to understand. if so, good luck enjoy turning the pages of dictionary.

What the use of reading something you don’t even understand it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t put rare words, you can put it but just few. Dictionary is too thick and long books and no one want to go to dictionary every minute, it’s annoying.

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