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God of War: Mystery solved, How old is Kratos?

Mystery solved: How old is Kratos?

How long has it been? How many years have passed since the end of God of War 3. This is one of the questions many fans of god of war have been asking. How old is Kratos in the new God of war?
During the interview with Cory Barlong. He states that kratos is a middle age or late age demigod and is the first time in his life to take responsibility and reflect on the decisions that he made.
Kratos is really grown and middle age, so the question remain, How old is he?
Remember back to the previous god of war. It states that Kratos became a captain of spartan army at a young age.
When you look, spartan children are sends to battle at the age of twenty meaning if Kratos was captain at young age. We can predict that he was 25 years when he became captain.
However, Kratos grew his army to thousands and archive victory for  that which deemed "the glory of Sparta" was only thing Kratos begin to care about even gone far to swear an oath to the god of war on the brink of death.
If you predict, to grew an army and archive victory, it is not just a short term, it take years,  

We know that Kratos by the time he swear an oath to Ares was already married. When you look at the rule of Sparta, Is that a Sparta is allowed to marry when reach 30 plus the age of her daughter meaning Kratos was around 40s when he swear an oath.

There after, Kratos served Ares  for years  whom he bunt entire villages in his affront, taking the lives of several innocents which we don't know but lets predict is around 2 years  and ultimately tricked in murdering his wife and daughter. A grave mistake which would torment him for the rest of his life.
Realizing who his true enemy was? Kratos sought to break the blood oath to the god who had once save his life. The same god who had taken everything from him. 

Kratos manage to break the oath and spent the next ten years serving gods, you can say he was around 50s when he kill Ares. He was forgiven of his deeds but the gods couldn't take away the night ware that tormented him. This lead Kratos to the highest  mountain of Greek to attempt of taking his life but gods couldn't allow him, they bring Kratos back and he was given his rightfully place, "The god of war" throne, even on the throne, Kratos kept experiencing visions of his mortal past with one particular vision raising enough of his concern for him to set off on the journey seeking answers. 

In fear that Kratos would discover his true origin. Athena attempt to stop him but Kratos had long suspected the gods' integrity, and his journey proved to be the final straw. Kratos lost his faith in the gods once and for all.
At end of God of war 2, Kratos found out he's the bastard son of Zeus that makes him an immortal demigod. So you can say kratos was at his 70s at the end of God of war 3.

How old is Kratos in the new god of war?  


how long has it been?

Cory Barlog in the interview, stated, after god of war 3, the was a period of time, where Kratos wondered the earth alone and believe that being alone is probably better.

Throughout the game, Kratos and Atreus makes their way to a temple of Tyr, The Norse god of war. Who used his ability for peace between races, learning knowledge from other culture to prevent war. It said in god war 4 , Tyr traveled to realms outside of his own and came across other pantheons, such Greek and Egyptian. 

It was also shown that Tyr knew the legend of Kratos in vase.
Tyr's temple holds the realm travel room, as vase as many chambers and secret vaults located beneath the upper levels, which are only reveal once the water level decreases, being that the temple has been asleep for many years, buried underwater.
Freya states that Tyr's temple has been in a sleep for hundred of fifty winters.

In Norse mythology, fimbulwinter consists of  3 year long winter, and is prelude to the events of Ragnarok, which begins soon after Baldur's death.
It is for this reason that we see a snowflake falling as Baldur was dying with "snow" being his final word.
Fimbulwinter happens after Baldur's death.So this means that the vase found in Tyr's temple that showed the legend of Kratos, had been buried underwater for almost 150 years meaning that Kratos could at the very least be over 150 years old.

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