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book writers: Novel structure? How to write a catchy story?

Book writers: Novel structure? How to write a catchy story?

You want to write a novel but you had no idea. Where to start. Well, you might’ve come to the right place.
Novels are written using something called the three -act structure. This structure is so popular. It not only applied on novels but also in movies. Novel are divided in into three part. First, Middle and the end.
The first act
The first act is the beginning of your story. You can call it prologue/introduction. This is the trap f the reader. If your reader keep your reader waiting until the middle, you won’t get enough reader. Hook your reader in the first chapters. This is the stage where you introduce the main character, the main conflict and the goal of the protagonist.
The second act

The second act is the middle section of the novel is the longest part of the Novel? where protagonist encounters struggles and mystery (if your book is a thrillers) and over comes small problems as the overall tension of the book slowly reaching the climax.
The third act
Is the last part, this is where you clear things out by describing what happened to the protagonist? This is the shortest section in the book. you can make it long but the reader will get annoyed. This is called epilogue. Is a part happening after the conclusion? If you want your novel to continue some author leave this part with a cliff hunger.

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