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Piece of advice, recycle failed novel that didn’t make sales!

Piece of advice, recycle failed novel that didn’t make sales!

Failing is not the end, is a signified that there is a fault need to be fix. After the storm comes a rainbow. Don’t throw away your failed novel. 
There is still hope for it. most of the authors don’t realize this opportunity. Recycle your failed novel. don’t give it away. give yourself sometime and revised it and you might come up with some new idea.
Most of my book, I’m publishing it now, is the recycle of my old books I published three years back and I make sales from it. I unpublished all my old books, now they act as map of my story line. 

when I publish a book and it pass some three months without any sales. I unpublished it and revise the book again checking the fault. Sometimes I don’t need to wait for three months. 

The person beside you can tell you, if your book is not good. Sometimes you may find that the fault is your title. Tittle of your book can affect book sales never forget that when comes to tittle.

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