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Recommended books to read for bookloversday

Recommended books to read for book lovers day

Someone books are boring even lazy to finish the first sentence, some they can make you feel like you wanna pass out. i'm a writer and i admit, some of my books are boring that i'm even lazy to go back and do revision. I am reader, I read lot of novel some i didn't finish it but mostly, I preferred to read short stories and novella. however, there are few Novel I've countered and i promise it will keep you thrilling within the first sentence.
I'm here as a author to recommend you those books, is not any of my books but if you want to know my works. you can check it on this following links:

so, here are the three books i recommend that you should read:


This book will take you through emotional and romantic thriller. I read this book back and forth.  Arena is been living with a abusive husband Tom. She tried to escape him however,  her abusive and vengeful husband, he vows to make her pay. Luckily, she finds love in the arms of a wonderful man called Bear Shaw. Undercover cop Bear is loving, generous and adores both her kids. He keeps them safe and they become a family. 
Then, while Bear is away on assignment, Arena’s SUV is stolen … with her sleeping toddler in it. 
Arena is sure it’s Tom behind the theft. The police investigate – Tom was abroad when the theft occurred. Arena doesn’t believe it – she insists it is Tom. No one can tell her otherwise.

When the police look to question Bear, they can’t find him. It seems like Bear Shaw does not exist.  

Hold On!

guess what? if you enjoy to be kept hanging until the end of story, this a good book for you, an action thriller, once you started reading you'll read the entire series.  Belinda Reese find herself trapped in some building that was attacked by terrorists. However, she is rescued by mysterious guy, Brandon Drake and he took her to his hidden cabin in the mountains and then they falls in love 

Finding My Pack

I'm not a fan of werewolf or shape shifting but this is a reverse-harem book. about  Kitten who she's Abandoned as a baby and forced to grow up fast, She had to survive by her own unique way until she meets an extraordinary group of men who welcomes her into their home and hearts and everything start to turn for kitten. is a interesting book, you'll love it

Shade of Menage

If you love erotic, you got the right spot here. The combination of menage, this is a collection of unique start. A hint in the first story, then the second is about protecting the women that could be forced into situations that could become violent and with more partners than they really want. But the law states, since most of the women have been wiped out by a virus, that the women need to have at least 4 partners. It's not ideal but if they don't they are forced, which no woman wants wants.

Hey, i don't know if is right to share this books with you but i read these books since then I've been sharing with my friend. so today i just can't stop to share it with you. Than you, I hope you enjoy Book Lover Day

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