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Smartphone: The powerful tool you have in your grasp and still don't realize it

The powerful tool you have in your grasp and still don't realize it

every time and every ticking second in your watch things are getting better and life became much easier, if you hadn't realize that, well your left behind, you need to pull up your socks.  Sometimes I wonder the purpose of life, some say life is about making things easy. Isn't right? 

I mean, That's why we get more invention every time. However, never mind that, trying to explain it to you, it'll be a different story. 
So, let me get straight to the point.
What is the powerful tool that can make you lot of fortune if use it wisely.

First tool is your smart phone, I hate to say this but when am looking at my phone is like i'm looking at the god of knowledge. 

There is a reason behind the word "smart"  The word is speaking to you and said, " Hey, I'm the smartest guy here, tell me what do you want to know?"

You have a smart phone and you get to your browser, and it ask you what do you want to know? and instead, you ask something that has no benefit to you.
Why do you ask, about the new skills, you want to learn.
Trust me, I lean to fix things from the smart phone even making money, I got all the knowledge from smart phone.

Do you know...

You can fix your phone software just by googling the problem of your phone and google will illustrate to you step by step.

I make money by fixing people phone and they thought I'm smart but No! The smart one here, is my phone, I just get into a browser and google the problem and it show me how to fix it. I just follow the guide.

Do you know...

you can make money using your smart phone?

Yes, you can make money with smart phone like I said, only wise ones who knows to ask the right questions can make the money. I can not detail how to make money using smart phone but I assure you that, stick with me on the next blog, I'll show you. "How to make money using your smart phone"
Be wise and think wisely before you tap into the phone because, you held a powerful weapon in your hands.

Do you know...

you don't need to drag yourself to library if you want to research your assignment or school work. your phone can do all kind of stuff, all you have to do just ask.
So, tell me, have you wisely use your smart phone or to you is just for entertainment?

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