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The cycle of patricide, here it is explain.

The cycle of patricide, here it is explain.

The cycle of patricide is the major factor of the God of war betrayal and Ghost of Sparta.
The cycle of patricide is a vicious repeating pattern of events that lead to the son of the deity killing his father.

this cycle adapted on the mythology where it began with the Titans Cronus castrating his father, Uranus with a flint sickle but before Uranus die. He placed a cursed on his son that he will also be over thrown by his own blood.

Cronos married to his Rhea. In fear to be overthrown by his own children, he ate them immediately after birth. However, Rhea was getting sick of his brother selfish and abhorrent act upon his children.
So he sent a large eagle to hide her last child, Zeus wrapping a stone in a cloth as a substitute making Cronos believe the stone he swallowed was Zeus. upon reaching adulthood.
Zeus released his brother and sister inside Cronus’s stomach and overthrown his father too like Cronos did to his father.

Somewhere around time Zeus began to hear prophecies foretelling his demise at the hands of his son, overthrown him. The marked warrior that was believed to be Kratos younger brother Deimos.

In god of war II Zeus decide to betray Kratos in fear that Kratos might be the son who would overthrow him. However, Kratos swear vengeance against Zeus killing every gods that stand in his way.

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