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God of War 4 Hint: Kratos biggest threat in the next coming God of War

God of War 4 Hint: Kratos biggest threat in the next coming God of War

If your a God of war 4 fan, you may already pick up some clue about the next coming god of war. however, the question remain is, 

Who the biggest threat to kratos? 

We know the next coming god of war it will be about Ragnarok as it stated at the end  and  we also see Atreus had a vision about Thor standing in front of their door ready to battle Kratos. If you might think that Thor might be the biggest threat to Kratos, i don't think and i got bad news for you, even with the strength of Odin, No one can defeat Kratos but only Kratos can defeat himself. 

If you remember . I think you might be wrong, Kratos is not easy to kill i guess even Odin himself i don't think he's able to kill Kratos. It was started that is Kratos who can kill Kratos. However, things, change now that he had son, Atreus. 

"Yes," you got it right, the only person who can kill Kratos rightr now is Atreus but that option is already ruled out after Kratos finish killing Baldur. 

Then, How will Kratos be killed by Atreus?
Since from the beginning of God of war, the main story line is about a child killing a parent but Atreus and Kratos made sure to never repeat the same mistake. However, the answer is still remain. Atreus is the one who will kill Kratos and the questions is, how?

It seems we are forgetting about one god, that followed Kratos to Norse realm, "Athena" 

We know that Athen held grudge against Kratos and don't forget Athena is a goddess of strategy and wisdom.

Guess what... 

Athena vs Mimir,  Yes, I think Athena will be the mastermind behind Kratos's death since Mimir is the last survivor being with wisdom and he refuse to work with gods, then who do you think will assist the gods in wisdom and strategy. Yes, of cause, no one else but Athena. 

We know she still held a grudge against Kratos. And she'll will sent every gods after Kratos even brain wash Atreus to go against his father.

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