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Story development, How to start a story

Story development, How to start a story

Have you dreamed to write a story or short one but you don't know where to start. a Story can be long  or short depending on author whether she/she want to write a novel or short story, However, before you pick your pen or whatever, your using to write, I suggest you to listen to the advice, i'm going to share with you here in the blog. you'll need to know a few tricks that might help you make your story better.

before you do anything start with a tagline, To create an Idea for a story is to come up with a good tagline. A tagline is a catchphrase or slogan in simple term, is a short sentence that describes what a story is about? mostly, tagline are use in shop for advertisement but in a story is to grab an attention of a reader. If your tagline is boring, then your story isn't all that interesting, and you should come up with new idea or tweak the one that you have.

Your tagline must sounds much more intriguing,  and her are the example, i took in some app, the bad tagline would be like, "the son of a king sets off to kill a dragon to prove his bravery" it doesn't sound catchy or a story you'll want to read, defiantly not, any reader wouldn't be tempted to open the cover of the book with the description. however, why don't we make some improvement and say, "the reviled son of a king set out to accomplish what his father has failed to do, slay the black dragon that is destroying the kingdom,"

it sounded more intriguing that the last and a reader would want to read it just by reading the description.

then, now that you done with your tagline, it is time to start writing. to not think to much about the introduction of the story, you can start writing down a bulb, about two page summarizing your story and once you have finish it,, then read them through what you have written and determine whether  or not the story idea is something that you had in mind and if it is and it sound interesting, then pursue it. however, i suggest to give it to your friend or family to read it first and hear their opinion before you start writing. and if it still sound catchy and interesting to them, then great, you might go ahead and write the story. however, if not then start a new tagline and repeat the same process until you have an idea that sound catchy.

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