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The Norse gods ain't evil in God of War 4 but it seems they are, according to the storyline

The Norse gods ain't evil in God of War 4 but it seems they are, according to the storyline

God of war 4 "ha! ha! ha! the very topic of our conversation"

just by reading the quote above, i know what coming to your mind. your must be thinking of Mimir, yeah! that guy, oh no! we should call him "head"

before we got to the point, i just want to clear something out of my mind.

that's better, it may sound crazy but  the fact is, it stuck in your head right now unless, you are not a gamer. however, Never mind.

so, let's get to the point.

Are the Norse gods in God of war 4  evil?

Well, many think so, even the story line said so, the way they describe Thor and Odin, Is like they are cold blooded killer who enjoys killing. However, is too early for us to judge. If you look deeper in to the story, I think is Kratos who made them looks so evil. well, I mean, We knew the background of Kratos, The gods took everything for him, this cause Kratos to lost faith in every god. In fact, he hate gods and he lost faith in anyone except for his late wife and son.

If you read my previous blog, the creator in the interview, explain that at the end of God of war 3, there was a time where Kratos wondered around the world alone. We were never told how long but If your interested to know it you can read my previous blog here.

Kratos doesn't want anything to do that involve gods. He even thought his son, that there is no good gods. I will put some point that Thor and Odin ain't evil even Baldur as they describe them in story line, let's not be quick to judge unless we hear their side of the story.

If you remember when Kratos first counter with Baldur, He didn't give him a chance to asked but throw Baldur out of his house.


because Kratos, realize that Baldur is a god since he bear hatred against gods, he didn't want to hear anything that comes from Baldur's mouth.

come on, you can all agree with me, If Kratos had given Baldur a chance and hear him what he want? It wouldn't have turn into a fight but No, Kratos was so arrogant and scared that they might know about his past. It was never explained what Baldur was sent to do in Kratos's house by Odin until the end of god of war 4,

Kratos realize that Baldur was only after his late wife just like as I said, If Kratos had given him a chance, it wouldn't have turn out into fights.

Second, do you remember, the first time when kratios learn that Freya is a god? Kratos didn't even want to have a word with her but he just walk out of him and later he return in need for help even Mimir, mention it.  "Kratos hate gods, all gods include himself,"

So far as it seems, the Norse gods are not evil and it seems they want to pick a fight with Kratos but No, They just to ask him some questions but with Kratos having trust issues wanting to be alone, that's turn out to be a problem. I mean, you can't go and stay on someone's house and suddenly, you ignore them even if they try to ask question. sound stupid and disrespectful..

If kratos want the solitude, I think he should go back to his home land, well since, he destroyed everything, No one will bother him. i given my opinoin and if he done done, they will be no more god of war. however, what am  trying to say is that Norse gods ain't eveil.

Let's hear the side of their story first on the next God of war 5. this is my my opinoin , now what's yours, You can leave the comment below.

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