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Would Kratos (God of War) stand a chance at defeating the Chaos Gods (Warhammer 40k)? How would he do it?

Would Kratos (God of War) stand a chance at defeating the Chaos Gods (Warhammer 40k)? How would he do it?

Kratos is one of the mightiest warriors who has ever lived, having slaughtered the entire Greek pantheon of Gods pretty much by himself. His feats are impressive even by the horrifically bloody standards of the war torn battlefields of the 41th millennium.
However the Chaos Gods are a very different breed from those toga wearing pansies. Their power is immeasurable and their followers are legion. Furthermore they are not physical entities but rather exist in the psychic realm of the warp .

 Simply put they are dark manifestations of the primal emotions of sentient beings.

So while Kratos might very well be able to defeat their mortal servants, their daemon princes and even their avatars, there is practically no way to actually kill them for good. For no matter how many times he manages to defeat them, they will just keep on reforming in the warp. In fact all of this conflict may just end up feeding them and making them even more powerful. So it is easy to see why they would laugh when they heard of his foolhardy quest.

But all hope is not lost for there is one way for Kratos to at least partially succeed in his quest. It is known the Chaos Gods draw much of their power from their mortal servants. Thus if he was to rally the forces of Imperium of Man and lead them on a glorious crusade to slaughter every last heretic and cultist in the galaxy, then and only then would the Chaos Gods power begin to fade, their daemons would start to wither and perish and the hateful laughter of the dark Gods would finally cease.
So God of War or not, Kratos certainly would have his work cut out for him.

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