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My Neighbor Girl, I wrote It as joke....

I wrote It as joke as a proof,  I make it free and i got 100 downloads in a hour, actually a fodder to my writers block, usually when i'm working on a novel and I get writer's block, i put it aside and start writing silly stories. well this was one of them.

i wrote the book relating to the life i saw when i was high school and it turn out to be a great book.

The book is about a love triangle between Carlin, Langa and Bongi.
Carlin is nerd, spoiled brat and falls in love with a girl who is in love with Bongi, a bully of the school but the truth is the Langa really love Carlin but she doesn't love Bongi. she feel pity for him because of what happens to him.
after she realize that she doesn't love him then she broke up with him. Bongi tried to pretend like he doesn't care and go and date the girl friend but still the Bongi's jealousy kept on growing where he sneak on them and finally stab the spoiled brat.

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