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Fury of heart: Dawn of Romance

“The person who will host the Fury of heart will bare the child of distraction” Dexter’s interest has been piqued hearing that his daughter is part of the prophecy.

Palm wake up finding himself inside Reno’s apartment. he was surprise to find out Billy is Curl’s father and Medley is the daughter of Dexter. shocking by the truth that the old man who attack them is actually Tom Hon. The enemy his father warn him about. However, Curl was still angry at his father demanding answers of who are the people are hunting him and his mother? Curl found it was deeper than he thought it was.

Palma decided to change his dream for perfection. it was the begin of Palma and Medley’s romance but their romance didn’t last long when they find out that Medley is being hunted. She had to travel to the mountain with Billy to train for six months to defend her self.

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