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My Neighbor Girl

Carlin is nerd, spoiled brat and falls in love with a girl who is in love with Bongi, bully of the school but the truth is, Langa doesn't love Bongi but Carlin. 
she feel pity for him because of what happens to him. Langa realize that she doesn't love him then she broke up with him. 

Bongi tried to pretend like he doesn't care and go and date the girl friend but still the Bongi's jealousy kept on growing where he sneak on them and finally stab the spoiled brat.


I looked at her lips and he want to suck it so badly but I was terrified and scared. The silence took over, Langa shut her eyes, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by, I took a deep breath lean in close to her, gentle pressing my lips against hers. Langa gone with it. we began kissing each other, both my hands reach to her but She strike by guilty.
“Wait,” She grab my hand leaning away from the kiss. “This is wrong? We shouldn’t be doing this?”
“I’m Sorry, Langa but I really love you,” I murmured.
“Carlin, I’m still in love with Bongi, if someone found out, I could put you in danger,”
“Then, I won’t tell anyone,” I lean in, and we both carry on with kisses. We both want it so badly but Langa just couldn’t shake the guilty she having.
“Please, let’s not do it?” she murmured. She wanted to stop, her body couldn’t let her stop. She could feel my hand overwhelm her body.
She already on edge with lust since the moment I catches her when she was about to fall, my hands already overwhelm her and she went wild.
 I don’t really know what happened at that moment but the next thing I knew we both had our arms around one another, kissing each other. The first few seconds were very passionate and spontaneous but that soon led to gentle more loving kisses. Without saying a word. we started to take each other’s clothes off. A few minutes later both of us were naked, admiring each other’s bodies without saying a word. Everything about her was perfect. Her breasts were about the size of my fist with no sag at all and nipples about the size of a gold ten cent that thin out about a quarter of an inch.
She had a thin waist and beautiful legs. I looked down and noticed that beautiful body and I had a stirred like I’d never had before. We both kissed and our lounges moved in and out of each other’s mouths. She slid off the couch kneeling in front of me looking me in the eyes.
“Carlin, this is wrong?” she said.
“do you want to stop now?” I asked. “I promise that I won’t tell anyone,”
She lowered her body and our body collide. She moved up and down taking in more thrust. My hands wrapped around her and she too did cling on to my body by wrapping her hands around my neck making sure to keep the motion going until both us reach the climax. We couldn’t let go of each other, our arms were wrapped around each other with gentle more loving kisses. After few minutes of our romance. She manages to laugh.
“What’s funny?” I asked.
“uh, nothing,” she said. “I think you should walk me home now,”
“Home?” I said. “but it’s early, can’t you stay a little,”
“Tomorrow is another day,” She said.
“I promise,” she smiled. “Tomorrow, you can have me all you want,”

We both started dressing after I walk her home, at the gate, we stop as she gave me a good bye kissed.

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