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The Neighbor Girl

It's early to judge, sequel to My neighbor Girl, Carlin didn't survive and Bongi's fate will be decided in court. 
This time, Langa is narrating the story from her perspective. After falling pregnant and tasted HIV positive, Langa had to over come the barriers and difficulties that awaits her.


I climbed off the bed and drag my drip to doctor’s office. My Mother had enough of bad news so she decided not to come. I was with sis Debra at the office and we both given a chair to sit down. Before the doctor said anything to us, she made sure that the door was sealed. She walk back to her seat and start flipping papers.
“Langa, before I can tell you the bad news, I need you know that, what you about to hear is not end of the world for you and you’re not alone.” She said turning to sis Debra. “Sister Debra, you’re a nurse from this hospital right?”
Sis Debra nodded and smile.
“I don’t need to remind you how should you treat and care someone like your sister and I’ll advise her to go and see the therapist,” The doctor took out a card from her pocket. “I’ve already made some arrangement for you with the therapist, don’t worry is free of charge,” She give me the card. It had the therapist number and the address.
“you can start your therapy, this Friday, she’ll be waiting for you,”
“Thank you, doctor,” Sis Debra said.
“Is Ok,” she said. “Shall we begging?” She took a deep breath leaning forward.
“Yes, doctor,” I nodded.
“Langa, I’m sorry to say this but your HIV positive,”
I look down and shunt my eyes. My head couldn’t process everything. I felt my breath being suck out of me. The doctor saw it.
“Langa, calm down,” she said.
my body was getting hot. I was breathing so fast and heavily.
“Please, can someone bring me glass of water,” The doctor shouted. “Langa, calm down and remember what I said.” The doctor look around. The nurse where taking too long to bring the water. The doctor stood and run out of the office.
“Langa!” Sis Debra shouted.
She stood and held both of my shoulder. I could feel my conscious fading. I could see sis Debra face before me but not clear. I was ready to meet my maker and I was so sure that I will pass out and die. I had no strength or reason to live again. My life is worthless, damage beyond repair.
 “Langa!” Sis Debra kept shouting. “you damn girl don’t die on me, think of your pregnancy, That child is Marry only hope,” 

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