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God of war 4: How strong is baldr in God of war

How strong is baldur in God of war

Baldur first encounter with kratos in God of war 4

Baldur was an Aesir born to Odin and Freya and was the half-brother of Thor and Týr, as a son of Odin, Baldur was an extremely powerful Norse God.

Two of the only known Gods to surpass him are Odin and Thor while Týr presumably was around his level, making him perhaps the third most powerful Aesir. Baldur's power was great enough to pose a difficult challenge to Kratos, although Kratos eventually defeated him.

He has strength was at immense superhuman levels, far surpassing that of any mortal or monster as well as being above most other Gods, with only Odin and Thor having the strength to surpass him, while Týr presumably was on the same level of strength. He had enough physical aptitude to harm Jörmungandr, easily throw and smash a giant boulder, and, despite his skinny and shorter body.

Baldur proved quite a challenge for Kratos. He and Kratos have a test of raw strength, the ground begins to collapse leaving a progressively larger and deeper fissure beneath them. Even after losing his invulnerability, Baldur still proved to be a difficult challenge and once managed to pin down Kratos and choke Atreus with one arm each until the former escaped using his Spartan rage, showing his strength remained just as great as before he was spelled by Freya.
Baldur clash with kratos in god of war 4

Baldur was immortal, He could only be killed by powerful beings or weapons perhaps due to his power over light, can move at extremely high speeds much faster than Kratos. He uses this to effect in combat, darting around enemies before striking them s among the strongest of the Norse Gods,

Baldur was extremely durable, even without his invulnerability. Hence, after his mother's spell was broken, Baldur was still able to take extreme punishment, even what would be mortal blows, such as being chopped in the shoulder by the Leviathan Axe, being stabbed in the stomach by the Blades of Chaos and getting shot multiple times by Atreus's arrows, even so continuing to fight seemingly unhindered. It was only upon Kratos breaking his neck that he finally succumbed.

He was capable of using light in combat. The runes on his body, as well as his eyes, will light up when he uses his power. He could use light to move at extreme speeds, send a shock wave through the ground, cause an explosion of energy, throw balls of deadly, shining energy; or increase the force of his punches. He's greatest and most infamous attribute was his invulnerability to anything, even Kratos' Blades of Chaos. While he can be harmed, his injuries are only temporary, as his body will naturally heal at an extremely fast rate. He also cannot physically feel any injuries, nor anything at all, enabling him to continue to fight without being slowed by his wounds.
Baldur turning into light as god of light
For instance, he was able to easily attack the World Serpent, a creature that gave his brother Thor a challenge, and walk out of the cold depths of the lake within which it resided without any noticeable injuries. He could also survive in Helheim unharmed despite the immense coldness of the realm.
However, his invulnerability caused him to be unable to physically feel anything, driving him insane.

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