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Here the characters they got it wrong in God of war 4

i know, you might have read my prevous blog, explain that the norse gods ain't evil but the storyline in god of war 4 is twisted according to the myth.
Truthful is, the norse gods might be a bit hash to humans but we forgeting one thing, they do still keep the world ticking, sacrificing all to make sure that, even if they die, the world goes on. 

Here the characters they got it wrong in God of war 4

Lets start with baldur. Baldur is supposed to be the most lovely of all gods, .hansome, charming, debonair... If there were a god of gentlemen, it would be baldur.
So, to see this half crazed loon out for blood (an obvious mirror to kratos mind you), kinda craps on the myth. But the reinventation of him was genius from an in game standpoint.
His death is actually true to the myths though. In the myths, baldur has a death dream. So frigga, understandably worried, gets an oath from everything in the world not to harm... Except for a tiny misletoe tree, which she misses.
Loki then fashions a spear from it and gets baldurs brother to chuck it. This is referenced in game, for although jratos was the one to snap his neck, it was atreus's mistletoe quiver that broke the spell. Baldurs death also kickstarts ragnarok in both myth and game.

I actually do not know that much about Freyja, other than she was vanir and the mother of thor. But what i do know is at some point she was killed and odin married frigga.
Frigga i do know a little about. Described as kind and and caring, she was given equal rein with odin. She was as beloved a queen as any and was the one who gave her son baldur the enchantment.
Most of her characterization seems on point in god of war. Being leader of the Valkyries is a new one on me, yet it would make sense as to how myth freyja was killed.
She genuinely does seem to care and although technically a fusion of two gods into one, i do not see anything actually wrong with it.

Modi and magni in the myths were not really arseholes. To the contrary, i know of no myth they have a role in sans ragnarok.
But at the end of ragnarok, theyre supposed to pick up the dead thor's mjnoir, avenge the death of odin by killing fenrir and join with the ressurected baldur to usher in a golden age, free of war and pain.
To see them act in such a manner kind of shits on the mythological aspect, dont ya think?

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