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How to use keywords in your blog post

How to use keywords in your blog post

You found a keyword that you want to target in the blog post, that great! Make sure you read this blog cause I’m going to show you how to use keywords in the blog post so that you can rank higher in the search engine, get more targeted traffic in to your website and hopefully you just get a better result.
It’s great to have a keyword in your own mind, that’s the first step, if you haven’t done any research to figure it out which keywords to you in your blog post, you can check it on Google AdWords. However, let’s say, you have the key words, what do you do?

Well, let’s first talk about what most people do? Well, some people go crazy about the keywords and stuff it everywhere. They have it three time in the title and ten time in the description and it just become something that a reader who read that post is not going to enjoy it and you do not want that.
Other people, they don’t have a strategy going on in to it, so they kinder just write and wait for miracle to happened and as a result some post may do well and others not so much. However, to make things easier for you, I’m going to show you three phase strategy that going to make it easier for you.

Phase 1: Research, 

Yes, you have a keyword but, you still need to do some reach on that focus keywords. For example, you can use your key words and searched it on google and scroll down to check the relevant key words.

Phase 2 content creation: 

The content creation has five different components to it. Which I’ll show wit to you right now.
         Make it awesome: first of all, you need to approach your reader than any other blog, put yourself on the shoes of reader who going to read your post. make the reader enjoys reading your content that you’ll have to share it.

2.      Start with keyword:  use the keywords exactly how you want them to be found in the blog post. It doesn’t have to be the first word but natural in the first sentence. So that a person who read it can understand, what the post is about. Most important, the google will understand what is this post is about.

3.      Use other keywords throughout the post. The relevant words that you found on google, try to use them in through out the post. They need to be sprinkle in to your post. The better you can organize them, the more likely your post will get visible to google search

4.      Include H3 headers: there is a couple of reason why these is important, you just don’t want a long blog post that look like an essay written on collage, obviously the reader will get bored.

5.      Write engaging posts, this isn’t relevant to the keyword lesson but it is very important to keep your reader reading, make them to want to continue in reading your post.

Phase 3 Mata data: 

in Mata data include tittle, the title of your blog is very important, so know what a reader is going to get in the blog post. However, make sure the key words is right in the blog post title.

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