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Dew Port forest is divided into four, North, east, west and south. Each of these religion is rule by Alpha. Sex slave is allowed but for a girl to be abducted, it must be by Alpha’s hands or the heir. However, the girl must not be from the alpha blood line or pregnant with the child that is from Alpha blood line.

Freed is an heir to the east forest, when his lover Luna sentence to death. he swear that he will do anything, if they spare Luna’s life. Freed to honor his word, he is forced to marry a Girl, (Vivian from the Alpha blood line) who He doesn't even know or love in exchange of saving Luna from Death. however, Freed didn't planned to marry Vivian from the start, it was all just a plan to save Luna. Freed and Luna planned to run away before the marriage ceremony, during the process of their planning. Luna gone missing. How will Freed take it? will he carry on with the marriage or go and search for Luna? knowing full well that Luna might be abducted by an alpha from another religion to turn her into sex slave. Is Vivian right, when he tells Freed to forget about Luna? The odds will always be against him.

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